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  1. Fynch

    Public  Message of The Arm | Tingel Arm Coalition

    SANCTUARY SENT TO THE ENTIRE GALAXY "Greetings. My name is... was Solarus Fynch. You don't know me yet, but I am willing to indulge you all with a story. I was, at a time, the democratically elected official of Lothal and her people. Look back only a year and my Lothal Protectorate stood...
  2. Nute Griimda

    Private  An Insidious Message | The Messenger

    The Neimoidian had a clear sechdule for the moment, having completed agreements and discussions with two represenatives within the ranks of the Dark Empire. As he gazed out of the window, observing the lively planet of Cademimu V down below, he thought about the circumstances surrounding...
  3. Alicia Drey

    Private  Encrypted Message #418525-201811419139191991514

    Encrypted Message #418525-201811419139191991514 Direct Surveillance of Domestic Threats Initiative Tags: Maldor Mecetti Teckla Tane Katherin DuPorcelen Velran Kilran //SCANNING. . . //BURST TRANSMISSION RECEIVED. //TRIANGULATING. . . //TRANSMISSION ORIGIN LOCATED. //PROCESSING . . ...
  4. Thomas Barran

    Minor Faction  A Message for the Galaxy [The Scar Hounds]

  5. Thomas Barran

    Minor Faction  A MESSAGE OF THE FUTURE | The Dark Horde

    The Unknown Regions, for all that was endeavoured to bring our planets to heel, remain strong in our fight against the Galaxy. A PAIN THAT WILL HAUNT CIVILISATION SOONER OR LATER THE VERY THING THEY FEAR MOST IN THIS GALAXY For those who know me not - I am Thomas Barran, Great Khan of...
  6. Okkeus Dainlei

      1,000th Message

    Well damn, I didn’t think I would have already reached my 1,000th post here on Chaos. Feels like only a month ago I joined on to start this amazing writing adventure. I’m curious though about what y’all think about Okkeus. He was the first character I have ever created, and I’ve had so much...
  7. Maestus

    Resolved  Search Function Error Message

    I am on an android device, and have tried Firefox, Chrome and Samsung browser. All with same results. When using the search feature, whether searching by author or subject, returns an error message, and to try later. Any suggestions for a work around? Thanks
  8. Isla Draellix-Kobitana

    Public  Message to all TSE worlds East of Thule - from Ashlan Crusade

    On behalf of The Ashlan Crusade Silently, a mixture of Frigates and Corvettes from the Grand Fleet of Ashla had slipped across the border and covertly entered Sith Empire held systems. They had positioned them at the very edge of the systems, remaining undetected until the time was right. Some...
  9. Darth Carnifex

    The Dirge

    Shortly following the widespread news that Csilla had been destroyed in its entirety, nearly every public holonet channel was simultaneously hijacked by a rogue broadcast that repeated the same message over and over again. The voice which spoke the message was heavily augmented, the voice...
  10. Amelia von Sorenn

    Private  Message in a Bunny... Droid

    MESSAGE IN A BUNNY... DROID Ukio Dustcairn Plantation Sometime after the impromptu gathering The gathering - as it had been - was one that was not exactly planned nor expected in the grand scheme of her desire to hide away in a corner of the Confederacy. The galaxy on the other hand had...
  11. Kurt Meyer

    Still Friends

    Subject: Hey Sent: Benduday at 5:32pm From: The.Kurtinator@Sif.VT [member="Kaileann Vera"] Kaile, Hey there. I'm not entirely sure where you are or what you're doing, but I'm sending this directly to The Messa so in theory you should be able to get it, if not maybe the SIS will pass it on to...
  12. Darth Carnifex

    A Message of Ill Intent [Jedi]

    The War between the Jedi and the Sith had been raging for nearly seven years now, and there had been countless casualties on either side as entire worlds were ravaged the machines of war collided on the fields of battle, leaving nothing but ruination in their wake. However; there were some...
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