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  1. Jerec Asyr

    Public  They're Building a Castle on Mandalore!

    And in that wasteland, at the dawn of 903 ABY, the Dark Lord Jerec Asyr did claim a peak of surpassing grandeur for his own nefarious ends. TIERS: 4 STRUCTURES: 6 DEFENSES: 2 quad lasers, antipersonnel fence, bridge POPULATION: 38 Ithorians, 12 mercenaries, assorted others, 47 construction...
  2. Jorus Q. Merrill

    Private  A Little Housewarming Life Day Gift

    TO High Priest Gillom Rone of the Herdship Vonnuvi, and the Vonnuvi Jedi Enclave A long time ago the Jedi asked me to take care of some holocrons. Most of them have found good homes, but there's one I still have that isn't mine to hang on to. There used to be an Ithorian nature priest, a...
  3. The Herdship Vonnuvi

    The Herdship Vonnuvi

    The Vonnuvi Herdship Learn more here. The Vonnuvi is an Ithorian herdship, with a focus in visiting struggling regions and planets across the galaxy. It is a sanctuary city, providing trade and resupply opportunities with those it comes across, as well as shelter for refugees and migrants who...
  4. Jerec Asyr

    Map of the Ithorian Diaspora

    All planet locations approximate.
  5. Gillom Rone

    First Reply  A Personal Welcome

    Docking bay, the herdship Vonnuvi -OPEN- When unburdened by his priestly duties, one of Gillom Rone's favorite retreats was the herdship's spaceport terminal. Here, he could see firsthand the comings and goings of faces familiar and unfamiliar. He prided the Vonnuvi's multicultural development...
  6. Amani Serys

    Public  Walks of Life - Ithorian Herdship Festival [Coruscant]

    WALKS OF LIFE The interior of an Ithorian herdship was unlike that of any other. Much of its space was constructed to fill the role of a city, not a vessel. Actual buildings jutted out from the top, and deeper within, the people enjoyed a harmonious arcology. Trees, parks, reservoirs, and even...
  7. Amani Serys

    Approved Location  Vonnuvi Jedi Enclave

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out a new space for Jedi RP. Image Credit: [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] minor edits by me Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Amani Serys, Gillom Rone, Vonnuvi - Ithorian Herdship, Dreams of Our Generation (Introductory thread) SETTING...
  8. Gillom Rone

    Approved Location  Vonnuvi - Ithorian Herdship

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify and flesh out a ship and hub setting. Image Credit: [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Gillom Rone, Dreams of Our Generation (Introductory thread) SETTING INFORMATION Space Station Name: The Vonnuvi Station Model...
  9. Gillom Rone

    Character  Gillom Rone

    SOCIETAL Name: Gillom Rone Titles: Elder High Priest Homeworld: Ithor Current Home: Vonnuvi herdship Force Sensitive: Yes Force Rank: Master APPEARANCE Species: Ithorian Age: Senior Gender: Male Height: 7' / 2.14 m Hair Color: Gray Eye Color: Dark brown Skin Color...
  10. Giborot Habat

    Character  Giborot Habat, Ithorian Exile

    An Ithiorian without a cause Basic Information Name: Giborot 'Gibby' Habat Age: 26 Race: Ithorian Height: 7'4 Weight: Big boy Homeworld: Felucia Occupation: Mercenary-for-hire, warcrime enthusiast Force Sensitive: Nope Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Description: Giborot is a massive beast of a...
  11. Horatio Asyr

    Character  Horatio Asyr, Sith Opera Singer

    Horatio Asyr NAME: Horatio Asyr FACTION: Not a member of anything, but occasionally donates to causes he sympathizes with such as Darkwire and the Forerunner project RANK: Independent Opera Singer SPECIES: Singer AGE: The subject of much speculation in Opera-singer focused magazines...
  12. Vlyph Corobb

    Vlyph Corobb

  13. Lief

    Saok Mahl

    SAOK MAHL ♫ General Overview Name: Saok Mahl ​​Titles: Youngling of the Je'daii Order Tiny Adherent of Bodhi Little Pupa Species: Ithorian Place of Birth: Ithor Current Home: The Silent Academy, Ceto Age: 6 Standard Years Gender: Male Build: Underweight Height: 4ft5 Eye Colour: Blue...
  14. Otho Rendoro

    The Power of the Dark Side

    Salutations! I've gotten my feet wet with a little RP this week, and I am putting my perceptions out there to see if there is a someone who would like to instruct Otho in the ways of the Sith. I see Otho developing into an espionage type who does nothing to hide the fact that he is a spy; like...
  15. Otho Rendoro

    Otho Rendoro

    ---Vital Statistics--- NAME: Otho Rendoro FACTION: The Sith Ascendancy RANK: Acolyte SPECIES: Ithorian AGE: 25 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 2.36 m WEIGHT: 155kg EYES: Yellow-brown SKIN: Muddy-brown FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes ---Personality--- Otho is odd among Ithorians; usually his people are harmonious and...
  16. Yaadri Osi-Yyn

    Vaxxu Nadon The Exile

    //Loading encrypted information// Source Vexxu.Nadon Ithorian Exiled The Sith Order Acolyte Seventeen 7'0" 347lbs Force-Sensitive Dark Side //If located on the planet of Felucia, please report their whereabouts to the local government, thank you. That is all.// Strengths and...
  17. Weilar Terren

    Weilar Tarren

    Name: Weilar Tarren Faction: The Jedi Order Rank: Padawan Species: Ithorian Age: 23 Home planet: Tython Gender: Male Height: 6,4 Weight: 165 pounds Eyes: Black Hair: None Skin: Shades of dark brown and light brown Force sensitive: yes Appearance: (The picture is cusotm made as a commission so...
  18. Ashin Varanin

    Chodo Murr

    NAME: Chodo Murr FACTION: Ithorian RANK: Priest SPECIES: Ithorian AGE: Early thirties SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'7" WEIGHT: 250lbs EYES: Reddish brown HAIR: N/A SKIN: Reddish brown FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  19. Probos Gubb

    Ebon Wadala

    FACTION: Non-aligned. RANK: Ship Mechanic, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Marksman. SPECIES: Ithorian. AGE: 29. SEX: Male. HEIGHT: 1.23 Meters. WEIGHT: 65.0 kg. EYES: Brownish-red. HAIR: N/A. SKIN: Glossy brown. FORCE SENSITIVE: Ebon is not force sensitive...
  20. Malach


    Name: Murror Faction: New Jedi Order Rank: Padawan Species: Ithorian Gender: Male Age: 21 Height: 2m Weight: 120 kg Skin: Green-Brown Eyes: Black Force Sensitivity: Yes Biography: Murror was born on the herdships orbiting above Oetrago, an Outer Rim world colonized by his people after the...
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