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  1. Z

    Skirmish  The Kashyyyk Incursion

    In the emerald embrace of the towering Wroshyr trees that stretch into the skies of Kashyyyk, a peaceful way of life enjoyed by the Wookiees is violently disturbed by the unannounced arrival of Clan Ha'rangir. This once-ally of the Mandalorian Enclave nows emerges as a foreboding presence that...
  2. Valery Noble

    Faction  The Batorine Incursion

    The Batorine Incursion Batorine Music "Tython is behind us, many of us are mentally and physically scarred and still licking wounds, but the war doesn't stop. The Maw's corridor into the Galactic Core remains a fact until we stand together to fight them back. Join me in a strike against the...
  3. Skice Variger

    Skices Quest to korriban to find artifacts

    Skice Walked through the endless alleyways of Coruscant's lower levels where the sun never reached and if you didn't look over your shoulder every five seconds there was a high chance of getting mugged and you would have to squeeze through hundreds of people to take 3 steps. But Skice wasn't...
  4. Zark San Tekka

    Approved NPC  Rainbone

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit an Incursion Event NPC gifted by its writer [member="Tmoxin Temi"] for use as Archim's personal droid companion. ​Image Credit: Transformers Lockdown Dog - Fausto de Martini Role: Personal security for the Lord of the Mechanicum.​ Links: Welcome to...
  5. Valiens Nantaris

    Incursion Event Rewards

    With the Incursion event over and done with we are handing out some rewards for those who distinguished themselves before and during the event. The three levels of rewards are: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Bronze: A single Tartarine Crystal. This may be used in a further unique tech sub. Silver: As...
  6. The Dark Beyond

    Descent: the End (and the next event)

    As the threat is finally destroyed the ancient machine collapses in on itself. The shards had turned on each other and those that had tried to complete the machine had fallen. Those who are sensitive to the Force and perhaps even those who are not feel something greater just beyond their...
  7. The Foreman

    Descent: Incursion Finale

    The combined military forces of the Galaxy had struck harder and faster than the Incursion Forces had prepared for. Plans were accelerated. The machine was beginning to activate ahead of schedule. PvE Generator Team [member="Allyson Locke"] | [member="Andorreth Vikar"] | [member="Ara...
  8. The Foreman

    Incursion Finale: Descent

    Incursion Finale starts tomorrow The organics have arrived in greater numbers than the Shards ever expected. At first glad of this turn of events they soon calculate that they have less time than anticipated to ensure the station is able to fulfill its purpose. Join us for the last thread of...
  9. WolfMortum

    [OOC Thread] That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie [Incursion PvP]

    That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie Player Vs Player Out of Character Thread ! [member="Netherworld"] As suggested by [member="Valiens Nantaris"] I've taken the liberty to start the OOC thread for the discussions that will no doubt come from our PVP interactions. Netherworld is...
  10. Fyl Terrano

    Sin and Misery - OOC

    Thread is up! Feel free to post any questions and updates here. [member="Formorta"] [member="Kole Harper"] [member="Vigil"]
  11. Fyl Terrano

    Sin and Misery

    Nar Kaaga, Palace of Vunto the Hutt Every sentient reacted to disaster differently. Some charged after it, trying to be heroes. Some tried to exploit it for their own gain. And some stayed the feth away. The Contingency. It was a name increasingly known across the galaxy, associated with...
  12. Jairus Starvald

    Stuck In The Sound [Incursion Grounding]

    It begins. The lure was set and the bait had been taken. For the last weeks and months the organics of the main Galaxy had been assaulted by forces appearing from the unknown. Sullust mourned, the Rift was in chaos, Ilum, Kamino, Commenor, Alexandria, Kal'Shebbol... they burned, innocents...
  13. Netherworld

    That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie [Incursion PvP]

    The lights of Tartarus drown out the void of space. Thousands of ships – aligned, enemy, unknown – dot the coils of the ringworld. Smaller still, like ants, these vessels spill forth those brave, or greedy, or crazy enough to have come here. Destroy? Understand? All who arrive here follow a...
  14. Kay-Larr

    Their Blood Runs Black

    [member="Arix Valen"] [member="Kirie Ito"] [member="TK-1515"] [member="Ghorua the Shark"] [member="Fedrig"] [member="Xaedrin Vondiranach"] [member="Jak Sandrow"] [member="Galen Adina"] [member="Ruby"] [member="Ulic Adraya"] {music} The Contingency was spreading. Iron Knights serving Lord...
  15. Stardust Solus Skirae

    Surprising aggressors

    Location imahalyan capital city Time till invasion... 4 days Reports of unknown ships jumping into the system reached the ears of Stardust, however she dismissed it when they landed on the moon, the droids had their own economy and system probably just some traders passing through or the droids...
  16. Evoros

    Welcome To The Machine [PvE] OOC

    Hi folks! This is the OOC thread for the Incursion PvE thread, Welcome To The Machine. Please direct all discussion about the thread here.
  17. Valiens Nantaris

    The Gates of Tartarus (OOC Fleeting)

    Discuss any questions you may have here.
  18. Omega

    The Gates of Tartarus (Incursion Fleeting)

    The Gates of Tartarus Introduction What if they threw a war and everyone came? System SX-192 – Codename Tartarus In reaction to the threat of the Contingency fleet, the powers of the galaxy had assembled their full strength and now prepared to...
  19. Evoros

    Welcome To The Machine [Incursion PvE]

    the INCURSION When Your Middle Name Is Danger Ever since the day that an unknown signal had reached Rishi, the galaxy had held its breath. Fear of the unknown was a powerful thing and for a long time everything that surrounded the Contingency had remained firmly in the unknown. Within...
  20. Valiens Nantaris

    Timeline Addition: Incursion

    The site timeline has been updated here. As with all the big site events we move forward the timeline an appropriate amount of in character time. Of course, this is not a mandate for any writer to abide with it, and how you personally keep time is your affair, it just gives the board some...
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