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  1. Liorra

    LFG  Dramatique Teen Needs Halp

    Padawan level teenager seeking masters, and Jedi friends, lmk if you're interested see me on discord!
  2. Arla Rodarch

    LFG  Good deeds to do

    Hi, Looking for some action, preferably somewhere in the middle of a war, where me and my people can come in and interfere assist casualties and provide medical assistance. I am roleplaying what might best be described as a roving mercy fleet, doctors without borders, used to working in...
  3. S

    Pirates, Raiders, and Smugglers

    I'm looking for some very scummy scum who are looking for a little boost to their enterprises.
  4. Ally Skycrawler

    Sub-account name changes disabled?

    Are we allowed to change our sub-account names, yet? I've tried but each time it says my password is incorrect. But it's the right password. Plz halp!
  5. Elijah Thorn

    How to make Avatar gifs?

    So I've been trying (unsuccessfully obviously) to upload some sort of avatar gif. I've done it before, but I just can't seem to get it this time. I'm directly linking gifs from imgur/uploading them as a gif from my desktop, but neither method seems to be producing an actual gif for my avatar...
  6. Orphen

    Question on NPC's

    So, I have an NPC i wanna make for my Sith, is it looked down on for me to use the character creation template for an NPC? Or is it kind-of a "please use the template provided" type deal?
  7. P

    Anyone wanna mingle with the Fire Alpha?

    Yea, so Pyro really needs some threads so I can develop her character just a bit more, so here are some ideas. This means open, and this means taken. Talk to me in this thread about which ones you'd like to do, and once that's figured out, I'll PM you so we can get started! Have lots of fun...
  8. Azreal

    Lightsabre stuff

    Er keeping it short: Do i need to do a dev thread for a light sabre w/o restricted materials?
  9. D

    It's A Beautiful World (open to anyone)

    Ec Pand sure was beautiful in the summertime, and Kyra couldn't agree more. Taking leave of her master, the Sith king, Xander Blackmoore, the young servant was strolling through the neighboring village, enjoying the free air and sighing happily. The village apparently has a bustling spaceport...
  10. Elijah Thorn

    I need your help!

    Just revamped this character into a more boom boom outlaw guy, but I'm really torn on which direction to go with him. Being a thorn in the side of various galactic factions and authorities is definitely the focus, but I'm stuck between a more terrorist type of outlaw (blowing stuff up!) Or...
  11. Hal Terrano

    How Do I Function?

    Today is the day that I accidentally set my LibreOffice's language to Gaelic: I don't. I can't. Halp.
  12. Hal Terrano


    Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. Here's the problem: I want to write a Jedi, I want to prove to myself that I am beyond monstrosities and spice-riddled criminals. I can be good, I can be the light side. But where do you go? There's a plethora of light side factions but which is...
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