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  1. Kei Amadis

    Private  Autumn Forest Teachings

    Kashyyyk Morning Early Autumn Trickling water flowed under a small old stone bridge. A gentle stream connects a lake with the deeper forest waters, running not far from three lakeside cabins. Sweet, clear water showed a school of small fish migrating annually, providing a bountiful river for a...
  2. Jalen Kai'el

    First Reply  Forest Sounds | Alderaan

    Forest Sounds Alderaan Tags: Open fa-play fa-pause Jalen played music for all different kinds of reasons. Fun, relaxation, expression of complex emotions... and sometimes to lose himself in the moment. He had lost his lightsaber now, an item that he had held very dear to him. A conduit...
  3. Farkleberry Forest

    Character  Farkleberry Forest

  4. Darth Iraath

    Approved Location  Temple of the Waystone

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: to create a ancient temple for future roleplaying/storytelling Image Credit: Stable Diffusion AI Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Krazorath SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Temple of the Waystone Classification: Temple Location: Desolation Grove...
  5. Cailen Corso

    Private  Into the Forest

    INTO THE FOREST A Star Wars Story Location: Jedi Temple, Ossus Tags: Briana Sal-Soren Objective: Meet a new friend Soundtrack: Through the Trees The day had finally arrived. Soon, Cailen would be meeting the third of Master Noble's Padawans. He'd trained alongside Iris, and had become...
  6. Red Mobius

    Private  The Warrior's Forest

    Wearing: Hide of Nar Kreeta Armed with: Master of Ceremonies Stormclaw Pistol Grapple Cable Objective: Investigate Rumors of the poaching of Ori'ramikad Trees Many Years Prior... (SELECT DIFFICULTY) ABIK AARAY AGOL AKALENEDAT AKAAN ADENN YOU SELECT: ADENN Taung sa rang broka...
  7. Kyriaki

    Approved Location  Bone Forest

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Flesh out a location for future rp. Image Credit: Here. Canon: N/A. Permissions: N/A. Links: The Valkyrie's Diary, Dominion of Light, Republican Guard, Into Darkness, After Darkness, Glorious Conflict, Darth Eisen, Firemane, Amidala Corps, Adlerberg, Humanist...
  8. Elpsis Kerrigan

    Codex Denied  Please archive - mispost on wrong account

    Please archive - mispost.
  9. Elpsis Kerrigan

    Approved Location  Forest of Serenity

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Expand on Tephrike. Image Credit: Here. Here. Canon: N/A. Permissions: N/A. Links: Dominion of Light, Disciples of the Vader, Into Darkness, After Darkness, Tephrike, Republican Guard, Mace Windu Thought, Force-Dead, Yuuzhan Vong, Mahtara, Inheritors of the...
  10. Vaulkhar

    No one is promised tomorrow.

    Dromund Kaas Outside of Kaas City ______________________________________________________ This day, much like any day, started typically for Vaulkhar Zambrano. With his recent acquisition of three apprentices and his promotion to the Emperor's Wrath, he was relocated to Kaas City, Dromund Kaas...
  11. DE-16

    Kashyyyks Morning Dew

    ​​The droids systems would reboot as it's eyes would glow into the shallow glistening river...kashyyyk would be calm only with sounds of the wildlife echoing through the forest. ​"Where am I?" ​the droid would get up from the tree it's back laid upon swiping off dirt and mold from it's...
  12. Yamar Fantorgin


    Name: Zargon Designation: Sentient Homeworld: Fandorican / Language: Gondul, Basic Average height of adults: 6.5 meters Skin color: Silvery, brownish, grayish Hair color: None Breathes: Type I atmosphere, oxygen Strengths: They have...
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