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  1. Lily Decoria

    LFG  Looking for Stories to Explore!

    Hey, So, want to do some post imprisonment stories with Lily. Definitely one who won't be recovering lying down so wanting to get some threads of her pushing herself too hard and attempting to jump back into the Jedi life much quicker than she should. Also happy to explore stories of her...
  2. Briana Sal-Soren

    LFG  Looking to explore some new possibilities

    Hey there! As the title suggests, I'm eager to jump into a thread or two with Briana, explore new ideas, and I'm open to all sorts of possibilities – whether it's a thrilling mission, a relaxed hangout, or a chance to tango with some of you swarthy Sith! I'm hoping to collaborate with some fresh...
  3. Samara

    LFG  Looking to explore Dathomir

    The Nightsisters of Dathomir heavily interest me, and so does the planet. I would assume that places of high dark side energy would interest a power-hungry apprentice looking to learn more knowledge or even abilities! Sooo any witches looking to get witchy with Sam? We can talk about things in...
  4. Credit Wizard

    Private  New World to Explore

    NEW WORLD TO EXPLORE NEW WORLD TO EXPLORE TAGS: Naivia Neryn LOCATION: Enstrum Plaza, Ismbills Coffee Restaurant. City of Halbarrow, Industrial World of Spindle VI RELEVANT LINKS: Monkrove Irs'Valachie Moldova | Spindle VI OUTFIT AND WEAPONRY: Ornate [AV-1A] Assault Armor | [Mace Shaped] Power...
  5. Lana Cuyan

    Public  Finding a new way

    Finally breaking free from her home and family in search of independence and mentorship, Lana explores the galaxy looking for ways to build her prestige and maybe even find someone who can help her become the Mandalorian she wants to be; to protect and bring honor to her clan and family...
  6. Darth Velox

    Private  The Lost Base Mystery

    Lucas Harvey-White Talohn Atar A strange signal started to transmit to anyone who could pick it up. Many were uninterested by the signal, upon realizing that it was undecipherable using any piece of machine available. The signal was leading somewhere. But where to? The only true way to find out...
  7. H

    Lost in the Wild(Kathol Outback)

    Horus Vizsla parked his ugly freighter unto the landing pad at Kal'Shebbol. He was decked out in a mismatch of a leather duster and occasional plating commonly seen on many a traveling bounty hunter or mercenary, the ones who couldn't afford a proper set of armor. A Power-5 laid was visibly...
  8. Rainbow Kitten Sunrise

    Terror From Beyond

    Mugg Fallow. The name seemed to fight its way out of the mouth. The world wasn't a pretty one. Tony stared out of the view port at the world below. A desert planet with a ring of derelict ships surrounding it. Tony wondered absently what might have caused so many ships to remain in orbit in such...
  9. Setzi Lunelle

    Korriban Exploration and Subjugation

    Setzi is getting close to being a Knight and would like to become the warlord of Korriban. In development of the planet, I'm hoping it will also be a fun RP for the Primeval. Here are some ideas I have for the thread. Please post your interest below. Likewise if you are interested in using...
  10. Aeron Zambrano

    To The Forest...and Beyond! [Silver Jedi]

    Voss - Silver Jedi Pre-Base Mid-Morning It had taken Asaak a little while to realize that Voss not only reminded her a bit of home, but was also one of the most vastly beautiful planets she'd ever been to. It had it's own particular charm. After being on Tython the view from above Voss hadn't...
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