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  1. Yyrkoon Ren

    Character  Yyrkoon Ren

    YYRKOON REN Age 38 GSY Species Arkanian-Human hybrid Gender Male Height 1.96 Meters Weight 75 kg Force Sensitive Yes Voice Viserys (Harry Lloyd) INVENTORY Equipment A suit of armor, made out of Sarrassian iron Darkfyre, his crimson-bladed lightsaber A so-called “Sith shield”...
  2. T

    Approved Tech  Sanguine crystal

    SPECIAL FEATURES Darkside of the force. your a little stronger while using the Darkside life steal it may be able to drain the life force of te target STRENGTHS dark Sider The crystal has the ability to amplify the user's connection to the dark side of the force, making them more...
  3. Yyrkoon Ren

    Character  Katachi Ren

    KATACHI REN Age 25 GSY Species Meerian Gender Male Height 1.78 Meters Weight 70 kg Force Sensitive Yes Voice Scott Menville as Red X PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION As a Meerian, Katachi is a Near-Human and thus outwardly looks like one. Yet, his kind have drifted from baseline humanity...
  4. Garou Shakti

    LFG  Looking to Continue my force training with non sith darksiders

    Garou is coming out of a long mourning period and while he is quite strong in the force he is mostly self train aside from some sith acolyte training as a youngling. I am looking for someone on the dark side to train him that is not a sith as he is in fact a Mandolorian. That being said he was...
  5. Darth Dekaltis

    First Reply  <<Just Chatting!>> Super Chats on Nar Shadda????

    The girl walked the streets of Nar Shadda idly. To the outside observer, she was just muttering to herself, before finally letting out an exclaimation, once again, to herself. Within the dirty streets of the city, it was something to ignore. But to the girl in question, it was everything...
  6. Siel'shii Velthra

    LFG  Looking for a dark sider!

    Hello! I'm currently interested in meeting up with any potential dark side force users. There isn't a preference for any thing in particular, but a chance to have the character swayed towards something bigger than herself. Any witchy types would be nice as well =) Note: This would need to take...
  7. Rann Thress

    LFG  Darksider seeking shenaniganary.

    Idk man. Let’s write some Star Wars.
  8. Sayla Valis

    Character  Sayla Valis

    NAME: Sayla Valis. FACTION: Unaffiliated. RANK: None. SPECIES: Human. AGE: Early 20's. SEX: Female. HEIGHT: 5'4". WEIGHT: 136lbs. EYES: Light Blue-Green / Golden Yellow. HAIR: Dirty Blonde. SKIN: Fair. FORCE SENSITIVE: Relatively. THEME: black midi - Dethroned...
  9. T

    The Legate of Basileus (The Mysterious Red Imperial) [WIP]

    THE LEGATE OF BASILEUS Name: Unknown Alias: Legate of Basileus (or Legate) Age: Unknown Birth World: Unknown Sex: Female Species: Unknown Appearance: Unknown Force Sensitive: Darkside Force Rank: Master (Powers Hidden) Affiliation: Lord Basileus' Fleet (Imperial/First Order Remnant...
  10. Lief

    Aerin Akun

    There is a certain agony to be felt when the face which looks back at you in the mirror is not the one you recall. Years added to a once youthful visage, sunken eyes deepened with insomnia, scars marring once flawless skin... There were so many faults to find, and yet it was not the superficial...
  11. Vaylin


    Social Information: Name: Vaylin Species: Zabrak Homeworld: Iridonia Current Faction: The Sith Empire Master: [member="Aria Vale"] Rank: Sith Lord Previous Factions: Galactic Republic, Jedi Order Alignment: Lawful Evil Force Sensitive: Yes Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Known Languages: Zabraki...
  12. Sawa Ike

    Approved Location  Pandamonia

    Name: Pandamonia Image Source: From Dusk Till Dawn 3 The hangman's Daughter Classification: Abandoned Temple Location: Gromas 16 Affiliation: [member="Sawa Ike"] Description: Public Area: An old structure that has long since been buried in the sands from disuse. Restored initially in the...
  13. Nabrina Vao

    Nabrina Vao (v2.0)

    (OOC/SOUNDTRACK TO SET THE MOOD. ENJOY!) "Do you think us fools, Sith?" "Yes, but that is irrelevant." _____________________________________________________________________________ NABRINA VAO "Ryloth'i Rage. Twi'lek'i Torturer." "Most Sith and Jedi alike use long-winded speeches to...
  14. Hkeek Nkulla Keeza

    Hkeek Nkulla Keeza

    Social Information Name: Hkeek Nkulla Keeza (Cursed Weapon in Jawa Trade Talk) Nickname: Keeza Faction: The One Sith Rank: n/a Home world: Tatooine Known Locales: Tatooine Sexual orientation: Asexual Marital status: Single Force Sensitive: Yes Alignment: Chaotic Evil Physical Information Age...
  15. Kamon Vondiranach

    Who wants me?

    Make your case for me joining your faction. I am a bit homicidal with the goal of galactic domination and don't answer well to authority so you should take that into account.
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