Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Gula the Hutt

    Private  Dancing Queen

    Location: Nar Shaada "Come on!" Gula held barbell close to his chest yesterday was his cheat day which meant he ate all that fat chit that his Hutt brethren consumed. From Tacos, Burgers, Nachos, Taquitos to even fancy food like Roast Beef. Gula must've ate enough food that was enough to feed...
  2. Samuel Wyrmstone

    Private  Dancing with the Devil

    Tag: Danika Leventis Location: Denon The night on Denon was busy as always, as the thousand of neon lights lit kept the never sleeping planet awake. It was even almost, if not impossible to actually see the very stars in the cloudless sky due to so so much multiplied and artificially made...
  3. Caltin Vanagor

    Private  Dancing with someone else

    “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.” - Helen Keller Glad to be getting back into this. Another workout in an empty training room. Caltin had no fellow Masters around, no Knights, no Padawans, no droids, frell even...
  4. Tatiana Ordo

    Private  Dancing Between the Headlights

    . Dancing Between the Headlights Location: Nar Shaddaa Taking a moment to herself, Taitanna popped off her helmet, letting the wild winds of Nar Shaddaa's sky traffic whip her hair back. The armored huntress was struggling internally, flashes of Mandalore, memories of her mother and brother...
  5. Alina Tremiru

    Private  Dancing For Rain

    The Cult of Veroleem wasn't something she'd read too much into, but when news hit her of something dark on the planet she didn't hesitate to go. Especially since she did end up reading into the Cult. Immortality, Sith laboratories, an actual dark side cult that used to rule the world. Suddenly...
  6. Asaaj En Kelsani

    Private  Dancing on Coruscant

    Loadout No items associated with Eternal Empire Also Revenant Blade strapped to back Asaaj watched as the gas giants of Qina dipped below the horizon for the last time for the next month and all of revenants were gathered about. The clothing that was given to Asaaj by Persephone Ambrosia...
  7. K

    Public  Digging the Dancing Queen - Childrens Foundation Annual Charity Ball

  8. Osam

    Faction  The Bryn'adûl | Relaxation of Rinn

    The unremarkable planet of Rinn had been subjugated with efficacy and talent by the forces of the Bryn’adul Crusade. The Draelvasier had swarmed over the world as they had many others, annihilating the meager defenses that had been erected to prevent them, and managing to exterminate a...
  9. Sage Annel

    Going Away Party (Open)

    Downtown Coruscant, Club District Sage Annel was going away. Coruscant had been her home for all of her life, but the time had come for her to move on. That didn't mean the young near-human was going to go quietly across the galaxy to Dosuun. As far as the young woman could tell, joining the...
  10. Veleon Dooku

    Brandy, Cards, and a Count- Coruscant Club

    Coruscant- The Night's Delight Club Coruscant, the planet that had been contested so often and was such a hub of trade, information, and criminal activities for the entire galaxy. It had been taken from the One Sith by the Galactic Alliance, marking the down slide of the faction. The planet...
  11. Tanith Alde

    Mysterious Meeting (Mystique)

    The ghost sighed at the task she had before her. She was an assassin, almost without peer. And yet she'd been ordered to access the social circle of a rich business man. Sure, accomplishable, a few bribes, some torture here, a threat there, a favor over there...But no. She was excpected to charm...
  12. Morgaine deWinter

    It's just a jump to the left...

    She'd done. She'd truly done it. The grin on the spice addict's face was wide as she stood behind the DJ booth, spinning discs and clicking ALL the buttons! Morgaine deWinter had a dream of times gone by, and it was wonderful. For tonight, she was going to get to sing. The DJ's feet poked out...
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