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corellian defense force

  1. Dracken Pryce

    Approved Starship  Emerald Hammer Defense Platform

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Creat a BFG in space Image Source: Arc Hammer Gif From Halo 2 Anniverssary Edition Canon Link: Hyper Velocity Gun Mandalorian Ripper Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Emerald Lance PRODUCTION...
  2. Dracken Pryce

    Approved Lore  Corellian Defense Force Public Security Forces

    "We're Troopers Ethan, mean and green. Ain't nothin' gettin' through us." -Groundside Officer to new recruit during Bryn'adul invasion of Corellian Outer World OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To finally give Zark's heart a rest and give him back his cops and update the old "CorSec...

    Skirmish  Hunter Killer [Open to All]

    H U N T E R_K I L L E R FINAL DAWN CORELLIAN TRADE SPINE, MID RIM A Convoy of Five GR-95 Transport Ships slowly drifted through space as they traveled along the Corellian Trade Spine. So far their journey from Bespin to Corellia had been uneventful largely due to the fact that piracy in this...
  4. A

    Character  Adora J. Straife

    SOCIETAL Name: Adora J. Straife Alias: Addy Blue Titles: Union President (Current) Starfighter pilot (Formerly) Technical Sergeant (Formerly) Homeworld: Corellia Current Home: Corellia Faction: Corellian Transport Union RTL (possibly) Force Sensitivity: Yes, untrained Force...
  5. T

    Character  Tycho Locke

    NAME: Tycho Locke FACTION: Corellian Defense Force RANK: Sergeant Major SPECIES: Human AGE: Classified SEX: Male EYES: Classified HAIR: Classified SKIN: Classified FORCE SENSITIVE: Classified TRAITS Halcyon Commando War Machine Dar'manda Savage Instincts BIOGRAPHY Born on Corellia. Raised on...
  6. Yularen Nova

    Military: The Corellian Defense Force {U/C}

    Corellian Defense Force: Breakdown The Corellian Defense Force was the primary defense arm of the Corellian Confederation, a collection of star systems within the Corellian Sector. As one of the larger sectors within the Galactic Alliance and one of its founding members, the Confederation has...
  7. F

    I see fire [Episode 2, Kolene Arc]

    Flames burned without interference through several sections of the settlement on Kolene. Inside the streets chaos reigned filled with black smoke, angry chanting, blasterfire and explosion or two igniting nearby. A few rotations ago the colony erupted in full revolt led by the Forgotten Sons...
  8. Raona Cadera

    Approved Tech  Dalrayke-Class Armor

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide Corellian Marines with an armor for combat operations Image Source: Gif from "Take Earth Back" trailer made by me, Art from Deviant Art Canon Link: None Primary Source: Galactic Alliance Trooper Armor PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer...
  9. Yularen Nova

    Approved Starship  CDF Ascendant Justice

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Re-Fit of a Colony-Class Battlecruiser Image Source: "Boundary Apocalypse™ Championship" by Drock Nicotine Canon Link: Colony-Class Battlecruiser Primary Source: (Please link and cite the sources which you are modifying for your use in your submission.)...
  10. L

    Approved NPC  Captain Saul Rigg

    CAPTAIN SAUL RIGG OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub the Captain of the CNV Argo ​Image Credit: The Last Ship Role: Captain of the CNV Argo Links: CNV Argo PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: Late 40’s Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User Species: Human Appearance: Saul stands a little over 1.9...
  11. L

    Approved Starship  CNV Argo

    CNV ARGO OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an exploration vessel to commit hijinks with Image Source: Star Trek Online Canon Link: EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Restricted Missions: Not Applicable Primary Source: Not Applicable PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Alderaan...
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