V E R A S K ' S_ _S A Y I N G S
A Humble Retelling of Our History

The Truth was Damning.

For seven long years, there had been Harmony between the survivors. When all creation bared its fangs against the settlers of Verun, it was easy for them to band together. Withstanding the hells of their newfound home did not leave any room for the pettiness of bureaucracy or politics. Each did what they did because they must. So it was that, together, Verun became the beating heart of a new empire. So it was that Harmony continued to reign amidst the people...until the Black Night.

Attempts on the lives of the Royal Family were not a foreign idea. The adversaries of the Ascendancy had tried, and tried, and tried again - but to no avail. But this time, something unprecedented occurred. The attempt came not from the Khanate's Hordes or the Unmaker's Cults - but from within the Ascendancy itself. From within a group that the people looked to as heroes and saviors: the Medjai Order. Theirs was a midst devoted to hunting down the monstrosities that roamed the region. They were many things...traitors was thought to not be among them.

Yet, before the Dominus' Throne were dragged three souls in chains. Medjai Lords all of them - the highest and brightest that a member of the Order could ever hope to be. Their minds were laid bare before him; and he sincerely hoped that it was their enemies making puppets of their most stalwart ally. He hoped that the Khanate had gotten to them, or that they were under the Cult's spells. But the Truth was Damning. They acted free of foreign influence. Free, despite the camaraderie and kinship between the Ascendancy and the Order. Free, despite years of history before even setting foot on Verun.

They chose to raise a hand against those who sheltered them - and for that reason, the Dominus' Wrath was justified. He had every reason and right to set fire to the Medjai's Star Temple. To purge their midst from the face of the Galaxy for this betrayal. But...he stayed his hand. Though fire burned in his eyes and thunder leapt from his mouth, the Medjai would know mercy. Those directly responsible - the three and their conspirators - forfeited their lives.

And as for their brothers-in-arms? There would be no devastation...but rather, unity. The Dominus saw the efforts of the assailants for what they were: a source of chaos and division. To exact vengeance would be to play into their very desires. No. They would do differently. For years, the Medjai had existed as a separate entity from the Ascendancy proper. They were an ally by treaty, a friend by history, and a neighbor by proximity. But now, they would be One. Forgiveness and Mercy came through Unity. The Medjai agreed to join the empire proper and swear allegiance to its crown.

So it was that the efforts of the Black Night Assailants were put to rest.

So it was that we, the denizens of Verun, grew stronger for it.​

Such are the sayings of Verask the White, Chronicler.