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chandrila group

  1. Alicia Drey

    Auction  Selling Chandrila DataTech + Chandrila Group

    Selling Chandrila DataTech + Chandrila Group Corporation Name: Chandrila Datatech Headquarters: Hanna City Locations: Chandrila Operations: Development of new and existing technologies to modern standards Creation / Invention of new technology Retail of technological products on Chandrila...
  2. Alicia Drey

    Approved Starship  The Ayrix

    The Ayrix Image Source: [x] Affiliation: Chandrila Group / Chandrila DataTech Manufacturer: Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps Model: Indispensable-class Corporate Flagship Modularity: Like other Indispensable-class ships (see link above). Production: Unique Material...
  3. Alicia Drey

    "Wanna Buy Some Cortosis?"

    "Wanna Buy Some Cortosis?" | [member="Oron Verd"] | Alicia Drey wasn't vode. She had yet to fully grasp the tenants of the Resol'nare and she wasn't a Mandalorian. But that didn't mean that she didn't understand the concept of helping an associate. It was precisely the model of business...
  4. Alicia Drey

    The Gathering [Ask]

    The Gathering | [member="Joon"] | [member="Camellia Swift"] | [member="Ajira Cardei"] | [member="Lady Shambleau"] | [member="Jen"] | [member="Quiirak"] | [member="Darth Ansem"] | [member="Taeli Raaf"] | [member="Marcus Itera"] | [member="Matsu Ike"] | [member="Attrion Harnol"] |...
  5. Alicia Drey

    Did You Like What You Saw? [Janus]

    | [member="Janus"] | The Paladin Consortium had been receiving a weekly shipment of produce, all freshly grown and raised on the agricultural hub that was Chandrila, from Chandrila Group, an agricultural company founded in the city of Emita by Alicia Drey. The agreement put in place between...
  6. Alicia Drey

    Chandrila Group / Shares Auction OOC

    Link to thread -> Click me! Hi everyone. Please keep all OOC comments in this thread. Please keep it civil. And please follow the rules.
  7. Alicia Drey

    Auction  Chandrila Group / Shares Auction

    Chandrila Group / Shares Auction Starting 13/05/2016 01:00 GMT / Ending 18/05/2016 23:00 GMT Corporation Name: Chandrila Group Headquarters: Emita Locations: Chandrila, Antecedent Operations: Growth of foodstuffs and agriculture on Chandrila Manufacture of products for retail sale...
  8. Alicia Drey

    Point Modie [Tmoxin Temi]

    | [member="Tmoxin Temi"] | Point Modie, found on Maramere, was a essentially a holiday destination for the wealthy and powerful to catch some rest and leisure time. You had to have a pretty big pocket book to stay there, although you would occasionally find the odd individual who tried to skim...
  9. Alicia Drey

    Chandrila Group Construction Ltd

    Chandrila Group Construction Ltd Corporation Name: Chandrila Group Construction Ltd Headquarters: Emita Locations: Chandrila Operations: Construction of buildings, roads, architecture and infrastructure i.e rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. Repairs of buildings, roads, architecture and...
  10. Alicia Drey

    Packin' Meat [Janus]

    | [member="Janus"] | Ord Mantell was the world in which Alicia Drey was set to meet with the Paladin Consortium. The Acavus-class bulk cruiser, that has taken her from Chandrila to Ord Mantell, was currently docked at the capital's spaceport. On board was a selection of different meats and...
  11. Alicia Drey

    "Girls Gotta Eat, Right?" [Seanna Vel]

    | [member="Seanna Vel"] | Alicia had heard of Salliche Agricultural Corporation before. Being in the market for the distribution of foodstuffs, of which Salliche partook in, meant that she was aware of them and vice versa. It also happened that she and the CEO of Salliche, Seanna Vel, were new...
  12. Alicia Drey

    "Wanna Buy Some Deathsti- Rations?" [KeCholo]

    | [member="KeCholo"] | Alicia knew who KeCholo was. She was aware of his work for the Black Tie Syndicate, so it made a lot of sense- both as an associate of the Black Ties and business wise- for both of them to meet and set up a contract between Chandrila Group and his men. Everyone needed...
  13. Alicia Drey

    Approved Tech  Endorian Chicken [Foodstuff]

    Endorian Chicken Image Source:,fl_progressive,g_north,h_358,q_80,w_636/pew9qz3tkgyvfpdqdogt.jpg Intent: To create a mass produced product for tier advancement Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Chandrila Group Model...
  14. Alicia Drey

    Approved Tech  Roba Chops

    Roba Chops Image Source: Intent: To create a mass produced product for tier advancement Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Chandrila Group Model: N/A Affiliation: Open...
  15. Alicia Drey

    Approved Tech  Nerf Steaks

    Nerf Steaks Image Source: Intent: To create a mass produced product for tier advancement Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Chandrila...
  16. Alicia Drey

    Welcome To Nayli [Chandrila Group]

    | [member="Kass Sja"] | Welcome To Nayli Alicia Drey was sat outside a cafe in the town of Nayli. Her presence in the town was one of business. Following her acquisition of land surrounding Nayli- a series of farms and fields that belonged to Chandrila Group- she had invited Kass Sja to meet...
  17. Alicia Drey

    Approved Vehicle  The Avacus Harvester

    The Avacus Harvester Image Source: Click me! Intent: For the harvest of crops and delivery of said harvest to be turned into foodstuffs. Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Imperial Arms Incorporated; Emeritus Industries; Chandrila Group Model: N/A Affiliation: The Imperial Remnant...
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