Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Soldane Talon

    Private  Stray Cat Strut

    Jutrand 902 ABY It was another long day of study, another long day of struggling to make it through complex books and high level concepts on too many subjects to count. Soldane had done well, he had always done well in his studies, but his attention span was growing weary after the tenth hour...
  2. Annika Starfire

    Private  Curiosity killed the cat

    Location: Spindle's work room Objective: Interrogation and counter interrogation Tags: Spindle Gear: in bio Wearing: this Annika blinked her eyes open and tried to look around the darkened room. Her head sounded, and her mouth tasted like she had been sick. If she turned her head and...
  3. Braze

    Private  Cat in a Tree

    LOCATION:The Treehouse on Lothal TAGS: Elise Vizsla As the golden hues of Lothal's sunset filtered through the canopy, casting a warm, amber glow inside The Treehouse on Lothal, Braze moved with a languid ease of both exhaustion and contentment. He had chosen this treehouse for its...
  4. Engineering core

    Approved Starship  Tusk Cat class Jedi cruiser

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a Jedi Cruiser for the Rimward Jedi coalition Image Source: X Canon Link: Tusk cat Permissions: Permission from John Locke, Permission from Mig Gred Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Conglomerate of Owls Affiliation...
  5. Chaos_Cat

    Curious Chaos Cat

    Hello hello you can call me chaos cat. I'm an artist writer and role player. I'm hoping to make some new friends I can have some fun role plays with here. I have a few varied types of characters that fulfill different roles that I might like to play once I get the hang of things. I'm more than...
  6. Darth Carnifex

    Private  The Bat and the Cat [Adeline / Neyana]

    "Power requires form, substance. Without, it is nothing." The Dark Lord's rumbling intonations carried through the vast expanse, the endless horizon towering spires and gilded ziggurats. The sky was the same, stalactites of metal and stone glistening with lights. At His back was a great...
  7. Ria the Cat

    LFG  Cat Needs Threads

    Title says it all folks, I need more threads for the Cat. If you need info on what the cat does read the bio, and also, definitely willing to steal, smuggle, and/or eat noodles. All up to you!
  8. V

    Private  Curiosity and the Cat

    Valora had to pee. Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she waited ever so impatiently for the grizzly old man at the end of the cell block to get up and go. Probably to go pee, himself. It was late and there was no way she was sleeping, even if she did now have proper bed of her own. The...
  9. hado

    Catalog  hado fine product cat log

    hello yes u have reached hado house of fine pharmaceutical also laundry and tan. please also visit hado short term loan and vhs rental store while in town. yes you wondering who is hado of course. yes i am hado purveyor of fine hado business. pls forgive any spelling error porg is often walk...
  10. Grand Shepherd Burtch

    Approved Tech  Thunder Cat Grenade Launcher

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a handheld, versatile grenade launcher for The Elysium Empire Image Source: (X) Canon Link: N/A Permissions: (X) Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Mandal-Elysium Arms Affiliation: Elysium Empire Market Status...
  11. Grand Shepherd Burtch

    Approved Tech  Mangy Cat Defence Turret

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create a formidable anti-missile defence turret system for capital ships, bases, and space stations. Image Source: The Expanse TV series, Martin Dux helped with the editing Canon Link: N/A Permissions: permission Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION...
  12. Ria the Cat

    Character  Ria the Cat

    - Name: Mittens, Royal Cat of Eshan Alt Name: Ria Misrani, Ria Owners: The Varanin Family Age: Unknown Gender: Female Language: Felinoid Occupation: Smuggler/Thief History: During the Rebellion of Atrisia (the first one), Ria Misrani aided the Varanins however she died in doing so. During a...
  13. Bendak Crail

    Private  Cat & Mouse

    With the Knights of Ren gained the artifact belonging to Kyrel Ren, Bendak Crail was eager to bring the weapon back to its Master. The weapon in itself the Crossguard saberstaff so strong that it wasn’t easy to grasp. The weapon filled with so much darkness, and so much rage it made his simple...
  14. Ladybug

    Private  Cat and Mouse (Ode To Tom and Jerry)

    Deep in the darkest realms of Coruscant's underground, those seeking to be lost would find themselves lost, only hunted by those courageous fools seeking to make a name and fortune for themselves; aka bounty hunters. Bounty Hunters, trained without morals and possessed with a envious greed to...
  15. Grand Shepherd Burtch

    Approved Tech  Shadow Cat Smoke Generator System

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a smokescreen generator for Elysium Empire warships Image Source: (X) Canon Link: N/A Permissions: TBD Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Elysium Empire Affiliation: Elysium Empire Market Status: Closed Market Modularity: No...
  16. Beltran Rarr

    Approved Vehicle  OS-145 "Saber Cat" Infantry Fighting Vehicle

    OS-145 "Saber Cat" Infantry Fighting Vehicle OOC INFORMATION: Intent: To create an Infantry Fighting Vehicle for Land Reconnaissance and Patrol Roles Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Obsidian Star Technologies...
  17. AMCO

    Approved Species  ForeverKittens

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A dose of cuteness to compensate for my many, many monsters. Image Credit: Kittens by Vera Velichko Canon: N/A Permissions: LoongKitten Links: Cats | Bioengineering | Rast'an'cat GENERAL INFORMATION Name: ForeverKittens Designation: Non-Sentient Origins...
  18. Vulpesen

    Approved Species  Yularen

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Add to the roster of Veradune’s deadly fauna ​Image Credit: page) Canon: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Yularen Designation: Non-sentient Homeworld: Veradune Language: Purrs, yowls, and other large...
  19. Luther Lewis

    Approved Tech  Machina Feles

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a cat droid for civilian and military use Image Source: Original artist unknown. Image edited. Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION...
  20. I

    Approved Species  Pumji

    Images: Link Name: Punji Designation: Non-Sentient Homeworld: Zanjiani Language: None Average height of adults: .5-.6 Meters Skin color: Black Hair color: White with black spotted pattern Breathes: Type I Strengths: Great Swimmer Can sense hot springs Can see underwater Withstand high water...
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