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  1. Tertius C. Nargath

    LFG  bored gimme something to do :D [no limits on who or what]

    Been really working so much on subs lately, that I haven't gotten to actually kickstart any proper rp with this character nor anything for Credius ... so basically anyone willing to have some business rp or maybe just some coincidental meeting (heck, I can even accept some random weirdo dropping...
  2. Cici Alonnia Drekker

    Character  Cici Alonnia Drekker | Bored Drekker Heiress

    CICI ALONNIA DREKKER BORED DREKKER HEIRESS, MONOTONE SONGBIRD Age: 19 Species: Mikkian Gender: Female Height: 5'6 Weight: 115 lbs Force Sensitive: No Status: Heiress of Drekker Industries, Countess of Nimban PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION A young Mikkian woman with pink skin sporting blue...
  3. Deborah Ollamh

    Character  Bored Rich Kid: Deborah Ollamh

    NAME: Deborah Ollamh FACTION: None RANK: None SPECIES: Human AGE: 23 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 74 Inches/187 cm WEIGHT: 131 lbs EYES: Green HAIR: Strawberry Blonde SKIN: White FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : Tough: Deborah is quite capable...
  4. E

    Work In Progress  Got Bored, Div'd Some Things

    So, here's the story: I'd been waiting for a post from Shimrra Rin and her writer was sad about not having a div to post with, and I got bored waiting, so I made a div for Shimrra. Pretty simple as far as divs go, but sometimes my impulsivity does good things... Lorem ipsum dolor sit...
  5. Tarsus Kiyan

    LFG  Looking for RP; Super Bored

    Title says all. Anyone?
  6. Matthew Locke

    Artist  Bored Photoshop Photos
  7. The White Knight

    Looking for anything at this point.

    I'm looking for just anything to do as a thread with this character at this point. I've tried to get it off the ground, but nothing has really taken off, or it has but not for long. I don't care if its a duel, or a lesson thing, or just a run in to make some friends, I'm up for anything at this...
  8. Kyrel Ren

    Looking for RP

    Hey, guys lately I am looking for some more stories and threads to do. I find myself lacking in them, and would like to meet a lot of new faces, and collaborate on some new and exciting arcs. If anyone is interested in doing some threads, reply below or send me a PM.
  9. Darth Abyss

    Any Light or Neutral Characters looking to be corrupted?

    Looking for new threads right now, so I'm going for a few concepts I already did a few times but always enjoyed greatly. This time I'm looking for any light or neutral aligned characters that Abyss can corrupt or seduce to fall to the dark side. I would prefer anyone on apprentice rank that...
  10. Darth Abyss

    Looking for a Nemesis/Frenemy

    After a while of being loaded with like a million threads for a while I'm finally back to having room to start something new. Back when Abyss was still acolyte and later knight I always loved to throw him into situations were he was forced to work together with a character he would never work...
  11. Darth Abyss

    Some Interaction for my Alts

    So I recently made two Alts ([Member=Kuulhagar] [Member=Stella]), because I needed a little change from playing a darksider all the time. I already found a master for both, but besides that I don't really have done a lot with them. Anyone up to rp with one of them, I don't really care for what...
  12. Arumi Zy

    Im bored

    Bored, yep extremely bored and looking to get into something not so boredomsome ( Trade marked word of ZyTech, anyone who uses it owes me a quarter). I dont know what seems like the sith are on their last legs, the goody two shoes are waxing and the jive turkies be jiving. So who wants to do...
  13. Jakkor Kess

    Anyone Wanna RP?

    What's up. I'm kinda bored,and I'm looking for some new threads. Would anyone like to thread with me. I'm willing to take any ideas.
  14. T

    A Little Help?

    Hey guys! I've recently been given a lot of vacation time at work so right now I'm rather bored. During this time I'm attempting to get some of my more ignored characters going. Handmaiden is one of these characters. She's...well a Handmaiden to [member="Darth Isolda"] and serves the Ember of...
  15. S

    Some Fun

    Hey guys! I've been rather bored lately, and as such I've decided to do something about that. I've started three skirmishes, all of them are entirely open to whomever wants to particpate. Come hop in, help me, hurt me, whatever. Subjects - Sifa is testing a new pathogen on the people of the...
  16. D

    It's A Beautiful World (open to anyone)

    Ec Pand sure was beautiful in the summertime, and Kyra couldn't agree more. Taking leave of her master, the Sith king, Xander Blackmoore, the young servant was strolling through the neighboring village, enjoying the free air and sighing happily. The village apparently has a bustling spaceport...
  17. Ak'lya

    Looking to get started

    So, a fresh character here, looking to do some threads. Word of warning, she's mute, so don't expect to much conversation. She has a skillset based mostly around close range combat, so anything involving that would be right up her alley. Who knows, she might even be able to dance.....
  18. Ak'lya

    Knight-level Jedi or Sith, Please Come Duel Me?

    So, I made this character as an option to free from the Force level biases. I know Masters put in a lot of work, bot for heaven's sake, no one is invincible. Alright, sorry, not the point here. So, I'm looking to duel someone who I think I can match, and at least has some skills. I just would...
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