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  1. Jonyna Si

    Faction  NJO | A Quiet Birthday

    TAG: OPEN FOR NJO MEMBERS/FRIENDS OF JONYNA LOCATION: RAN DOM KUUN, CATHAR Birthdays were a funny thing for Jonyna. To be honest, she didn't really remember when her actual birthday was. Downside of being on the run for so long from the Empire, months and years start to blend together. But...
  2. Inanna Harth

    Private  The Birthday Party

    Ashur Harth was turning four. When asked what he would like to do for his birthday, he had only one thing to say: "Dinosaurs!" On the morning of his birthday, Ashur awoke and padded out of his room. Stopping at the kitchen threshold, he rubbed his eyes, then rubbed them again in disbelief. His...
  3. S

    Public  Criminal Birthday Bash

    T A G S | Open to Interaction O B J E C T I V E | Celebrate my Birthday T H E M E | Old Republic | Cut the Phobium >> HOLO.ENCRYPT//113M-ejj--; data=ghosted; data-uplink=secure; masking-status=active; function=security; permissions=limited;] "If you are receiving this transmissions then...
  4. S

    LFG  Criminal Birthday Bash

    Criminal Birthday Bash >> HOLO.ENCRYPT//113M-ejj--; data=ghosted; data-uplink=secure; masking-status=active; function=security; permissions=limited;] "If you are receiving this transmissions then you are one of the lucky few that have been invited to attend the Birthday Celebration of Sistine...
  5. Valery Noble

    Public  Happy Birthday (Open to friends)

    Noble Apartment Outfit: Casual Tag: Kahlil Noble | Alicio Organa Amani Serys | Briana Sal-Soren Corazona von Ascania Silas Westgard Cailen Corso Rhemti Totriddiam Capris Halcyon | Shai Maji Lyrrin BB-610 | @may have forgotten someone! Open to friends/Padawans "I don't think I've seen her this...
  6. Hilal Vizsla

    Private  Birthday Beach Bash

    Location: Spira, Castellaneta Beach Current Outfit: "What does it mean to be 17?" Hilal leaned back on her chair allowing the Sun's rays to kiss her pale skin. Today was her Birthday and Hilal is a year older, for many in the Galaxy this was a momentous occasion a sign that a person was...
  7. Valery Noble

    Private  Happy Birthday

    Location: Bastion | New Cov Appearance: Link Necklace: Link Tag: Kahlil Noble Noah Corek "You know, I've never had someone want to visit because of my birthday before." Valery looked at Kahlil with a smile while she relaxed on the couch and waited for Noah to arrive. He had sent a message...
  8. Faith Organa

    Faction  Happy Birthday with a Twist (RHA, and guests)

    Happy Birthday to Queen Faith!! Alderaan usually always peaceful was now in full swing of a celebration. The main passages to New Aldera were decorated with lights and banners. Faith looked out the window to once more take notice of the banners fluttering effortlessly with the breeze all...
  9. Cass Gemini

    Private  A birthday present for a friend

    Tag: Isidor Justeene Cass put the finishing touches to her gift. She was shocked just how big it was, taking up a large portion of one of her cargo bays. She hoped he would like it, she felt she had found a real friend out here and wanted him to know that. This was more than just her compulsive...
  10. Scherezade deWinter

    Approved Lore  Whimsy Birthday Planning

    Intent: To use the media submission option to extend the products of Whimsy. Image Credit: Headers and adorable text made by Scherezade deWinter Format Image [X] Canon: n/a Links: Whimsy Scherezade deWinter Twinkle Doom Media Name: Whimsy Birthday Planning Format: Magazines, holosites...
  11. Varus Shatterstar

    Happy Birthday, Brighteyes!

    Just wanted to take a moment to wish a Hipster Happy T. Swift loving Birthday to the prettiest little Twi'Lek this side of Coruscant! Happy Birthday, Sera! ^_^ [member="Seraphina Shel'tah"]
  12. Lief

    Your Birthday, It Is!

    I'm sure I speak for everyone when I wish you all the best, go and enjoy your day! :) @[member='Adenn Gra'tua']
  13. Yasha Cadera

    No One Escapes the High Councillor's Parties (Lucianus Adair & Mikhail Shorn)

    Annaj is the perfect place to shop. A planet I've come to know fondly and well, I walk its streets now and muse on how far off I am from the Penthouse [member="Jared Ovmar"] and I shared. Bucket says my key code still works, a small sign that after all we've been through Jared still holds a...
  14. Fabula Caromed

    It's Ayden's birthday

    Somehow, the karker managed to survive another year despite my best efforts. I guess he deserves congratulations for that, or something. Everyone come mock him.
  15. Ereza

    It's not a party until...

    All of Kuat had shown up, and then some. The Shamalain Estate was absolutely crawling with people; Aristocrats, Guards, Business men and women, friends, family, tall people, short people, skinny and fat people, happy people and potentially sad people that were hiding their glumness with fake...
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