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  1. Jadcasa Leesib

    Public  Bombad Business: Agents and the like | Open | Hop in!

    Tatooine 2300 Hours Mos Eisley It'd been a very, very long day for Jadcasa. She regarded at the Rodian, fingers cracked and bent all the way to the rear. It hadn't taken much to make him flip. A beating here and a beating there, and the shrewd suited woman was on her way to her final...
  2. Ingrid L'lerim

    Private  Well, We Finally Met

    Lady Ingrid L’lerim Ragal Terassi Vandiir Eternal Empress of the Eternal Empire, Lord Commander of the Wardens of the Shroud The Red Witch, The Night Queen, Lady Stuztala, Head of the House L’lerim, CEO of the HPI Consortium, Archon of the Primyn Group Location: Top Secret High-Security...
  3. Domino

    Approved Tech  Wildcat Blaster Pistol

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A standard sidearm. Image Source: Here Canon Link: None Permissions: None Primary Source: None PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Outer Rim Resources Affiliation: Agents of Chaos, ORR, Closed Market Model: Wildcat Blaster Modularity: Rail Attachments...
  4. RC 212

    Intelligence Wars #1- The Conspiracy

    Somewhere across the verse, near void station a small freighter made it's last stop. Aboard that freighter was a Rogue Courier carrying secret documents, related to the internal affairs of the Commonwealth Systems Government. Notably the recent alien Incursion, as well as force dispositions...
  5. Coratanni Cartel

    The Thawne Children

    Felix Primary Agent of SIN, Company Representative, Legitimate face Nayella Coratanni Lieutenant, Corporate Executive Allira & Allara Coratanni Lieutenants, Criminal Connoisseurs, Ambassadors Kara Coratanni Captain, Operates Ylen, Runs Spice Operations Mara Coratanni Captain, Technopath...
  6. Darth Ferus

    Ascendancy Intelligence Recruitment

    Ascendancy Intelligence The first and last defense. With The Sith Ascendancy now a Major Faction the Ascendancy Intelligence Agency is now recruiting to fill out its ranks, and introduce the newest of the Intelligence forces; the Black Troopers. Nicknamed Spectors due to the spector gloss...
  7. Darth Abyss

    Approved NPC  Inner Eye

    Name: Inner Eye Intent: To finally sub Abyss men as a legtim NPC unit. Affiliation: Darth Abyss/The Tainted Chorus Availability: Unique Quality: B Type: Intelligence Agency Strength: 76 Description: In the beginning, the members of the Inner Eye started out in the same place: The One Sith...
  8. V

    The Nine: Sign Ups

    Faction Ad Alright so this thread is for OOC purposes. The Nine is an exclusive hidden group that cannot be joined or seen unless invited. As a result, we do not have the time to scout out for ALL of our members considering the vast majority we already have. That being said, this is a sign up...
  9. Raziel

    Spynet mission

    So Spynet are being contracted by a character to carry out a mission involving sabotage and data theft. I need some spynet members, or infochants or free agents who want to come on a thread with me!
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