I've done these for Character Specific feedback in the past but I'm currently looking for feedback in terms of ways that I can improve as a writer, and a presence in general on SWRP: Chaos.

In the past these have often felt like reaction generators, in the sense that they attract a lot of attention without as much constructive criticism and advice; And while I love being complimented as much as the next guy, I'm doing this to try to improve myself and how I interact with the community.

There are two parts to this feedback thread:
  • How can I improve as a Writer? What do you like and dislike, where can I do better?
Recently I've been wondering if I shouldn't shelve my House Arenais characters and try to start anew, building up the characters that are far less known and doing away with the old image that I've built up over the years. A big part of my activity lately is due to life responsibilities and real-world schedules, however, I'm also struggling with feeling the connection to my RP lately and I'm questioning whether I've run the course/overplayed my usual types of characters.
  • How can I improve as a member of the Chaos Community?
This second part's a bit of a loaded question as some may think it's a silly thing to consider, but while I've had many good times on the site, I've also butted heads with people over the years and I think it's important to recognize where I can do better, not just as a writer but someone sharing this community space.
I want to be able to say that I've done my best to be a team player, and despite disagreeing with others at times, that's just a matter of life and interacting with people...-So this one's as much for those I've not seen eye to eye with, as it is those that know me enough to provide feedback.
Are there behaviours or things that I can improve on that would encourage more positivity within our interactions or my personal impact on the Community?

Granted, I'm aware that there are people out there that don't like to open themselves up so publically like this to criticism and feedback, so if you're out there reading this, know that I'm doing this to try to raise the bar in my enjoyment and interactions on Chaos. Whether or not it makes a difference in the long run, at the very least I can say that I've tried :)