Back some time around June, I posted a temporary LOA stating that I was pulling back from Discord and most forms of OOC contact outside of Chaos (the site itself).

At the time I was facing a particularly low point and as I often do in those times, I started beating myself up (emotionally/mentally) for it, and eventually decided to take a step back in order to rid myself of some of the stress, pressures and/or obligations that were riding me at the time.

It's occurred to me that I should probably give a shout out for the sake of factions like the Silver Jedi Concord which unfortunately saw me step down as a Faction Admin, one of the choices I made at the time to ease things on my end. While it did achieve what I hoped it would, it also meant stepping away from a faction I love, and a good number of writers and threads during this time.

We all know and tell each other that real life comes first, when we see other people in a bit of a slump and that's still as true as ever as far as I see things; However now being on the other side, I figured I'd throw some positivity out there, given the last few times I've spoken out have felt a little too much on the negative side of things.

So here's to you Chaos, and here's to taking the time to appreciate the good things we got going on in life.


I appreciate you ;)