Chapter I
My first thoughts, Serenno
My name is Adron Kyrso Malvern. I am the second oldest son and fourth child of Avius & Solara Malvern. I can't exactly tell you what compelled me to start writing this but I'm intending for it to be a memoir of my life and my time in this galaxy.
I suppose any place as good as any to start with is my home. Not the home I have now on Illyria, but the place where I was born. For generations House Malvern has been a prominent noble family on Serenno. Our lineage dates back to the formation of the first Galactic Empire and even the times predating that. I'm not entirely sure when our family line came into power but I do know this, we've always done what we had to so we could survive. The words of our House is, "We do as we must." I guess it's a reflection of that fact.
My family has only ever had one seat of power on Serenno, Blackgate Manor. Blackgate was my home for my entire childhood. It was located a few hundred miles west of Serenno's Northern pole. The Blackgate mountains were some of the largest mountains on the planet, spanning hundreds of miles in all directions. Blackgate sat in the center of this mountainous region. Most people I'd interact with would ask me, 'Is it cold in the mountains?' Of course it was, but you get used to it pretty quick. That fortress was built some time before the Galactic Civil War, I remember how my father would always tell me it was made to be a getaway house, far from the eyes of the other noble families and the commoners. At some point it became our seat of power and not one Malvern once complained about the privacy.
Privacy was something you needed in my families predicament. You see, not only is my family a noble one, it is one that has a history of being touched by the Force.
I grew up knowing the expectations of me. I would be the Lord of Blackgate and my father and mother would also raise me as their apprentice, their Padawan. I was to be a Jedi. The Jedi had been the guardians of peace for Serenno, at least that is what my family believed. The commoners truly believed that House Malvern used it's powers only to advance Serenno, I'm not so sure. My grandfathers were greedy and set in their pride, Jedi or not they would do anything to make their station rise. Why would that stop with the Force?
Regardless whenever I asked my father he would only scold me, so I quit asking, but I never quit thinking. Growing up as a Jedi Lord was difficult, cold. Not in the sense that I was always in the middle of training or my studies, it was actually cold. My father was set in his ways, a Lord or not a Jedi would know how to live without comfort, so for all the lavish amenities I did have, my training could be that much more rigorous. When I was really young I couldn't understand it. Days spent trekking through ice and snow with my sisters, hours of meditation in the freezing courtyard. I was sure my parents had gone made from the cold.
Eventually I learned that it was necessary for me to learn about the Force.
My father's time was devoted to being both Master and Count. Again, when I was young I always thought he did it so well. Handle the politics of the world and still groom his children in the arts of the Force. Looking back he had many flaws that he should have corrected. Maybe if he did he would not have died the way he did.
I didn't have many friends growing up, for obvious reasons. It's pretty hard to schedule a play date when you live thousands of miles away from everyone. Still, I got by. I usually had my head buried in one book or another. For the longest my tiem was occupied by books with brave heroes who vanquished evil everywhere they went. Some of the stories were actually about great Jedi. I'm not sure which ones are real and which ones are fake. when I was younger I would dismiss the more outlandish ones, thinking they must have been fake.....Now I'm not sure if they were quite accurate.
I think I've gotten a good opener going here. I'm going to stop for now, but next time I'll talk about my family a bit more.