From one corner of The Confederacy to another a broadcast became available to those who wished to see it. For the past few days the CNN channels had been displaying a number of snippets revolving around the Galactic Scene and those changing events that drenched the galaxy in the subject matter of any aspiring newsman. In recent days, talk of a specialized interview with the Exarch of the Confederacy, Adron Malvern had become a popular topic. This interview was said to be an insight on the thoughts of those within the deepest innerworkings of The Confederacy and how they may seek to approach the various storms of the galaxy. However, news such as this is often taken with a grain of salt. They could be incredibly juicy or as dry as a bone. Only time could tell.
The feed revealed the Exarch sitting beside a young Twi'lek woman. As always he was impeccably dressed with a stunning suit of midnight black. A pin with the Confederacy's emblem on his lapel was the only source of color, save for his amethyst eyes.
"Good Morning, Confederate News Network, this is Ailita Remora coming at you live from Azurine City. More specifically we are here in the Office of Exarch Adron Malvern, Third Exarch of the Confederacy under Vicelord Darth Metus. Exarch Malvern has agreed to an exclusive interview revolving around the ever changing galactic scene. Exarch, thank you for having us here today."
The man nodded, offering a seemingly warm smile to the Twi'lek woman. "Of course, Ms. Remora. It is always my pleasure to supply the people with what information I can."
She offered a smile in return before turning her eyes down to a datapad in her hands. "Exarch, we have seen so much in the galaxy in the past years. From the Bryn'adul threat, to the rise of the New Imperial Order, and of course the events surrounding the Agents of Chaos. What do you believe we will see in the coming years? Will the Galactic Scene settle or will we move towards even more active waters."
"I wish I could tell you that the harshest times are behind us, however that is simply not true. There are too many moving factors in the galaxy now for us to reside ourselves to hopes for calm waters. As always we are preparing for the worst while we hope for the best."
"So, everyone wants to know. What will The Confederacy be doing about the threat of the Bryn'adul? Are there any plans or hopes of Confederacy First being fully lifted to allow for better mobilization in response to this imposing threat?"
At this question the Exarch clasped his hands together, speaking plainly. "Confederacy First exists to defend the people of The Confederacy. When Vicelord Metus enacted this directive, it was in response to potential threats to our infrastructure. It was not simply implemented and it will not be simply rescinded. That being said the Office of the Vicelord views the Bryn'adul as a true and potential threat to our very existence. When they first began their expansion several members of the Viceroyalty, and likely the public, believed that they were too far removed to be a threat to us."
"Trillions have died since then. Lives that could very well end up being Confederate lives if the administration does not take the threat seriously." He said.
"We all know The Confederacy has agreed to stand beside the Sith Empire in the event that the Bryn'adul threaten either of our borders. However, do you believe we will see such aid from more removed Factions?"
"I believe that the cowards will continue to cower." He explained.
"Earlier you said Confederacy First would not be simply overturned. Do you not want to see it lifted?" She asked.
"I would very much like to see some of the restrictions of Confederacy First lifted, however first the conditions for such a thing must be met. There were costs for its enactment and so there will be costs for it's lightening."
"And the Bryn'adul?"
"The Bryn'adul threat will not be handled with simple pacts and defense agreements. This plague has become a very true threat to the entirety of the Galaxy and we have allowed it to become so. When it was in its infancy a military force should have been dispatched to destroy them where they breed. We did not do this, now innocents pay the price."
"So you believe this is the fault of the greater galaxy?" She asked.
"I believe this is the fault of those who have been squabbling over religion and territory when they should have been focusing on a more immediate threat. State representatives like Emperor @Darth Prazitus and the Silver Jedi Concord have done more to combat this threat than anyone. While administrations from the Galactic Alliance, The First Order, this New Imperial Order, and the Eternal Empire have done little to nothing. We have all been content to cower in the sand, turn our eyes away while this monstrosity they call a horde ravages the Eastern side of the galaxy."
"Exarch, are you saying the galaxy should unite against this threat?"
"The galaxy should do something. I will be pushing for the administration of the Confederacy, both Presidium and Viceroyalty, to begin active engagements against the Bryn'adul. We must destroy these monsters before they destroy more of our galaxy." He said, before turning his eyes to the camera before him.
"And for those who do not wish to set aside their engagements to handle the more obvious threat, I say this. You have abandoned the people of the galaxy. Pray they do not abandon you."
The Twi'lek woman made an expression of minor surprise before looking to her datapad again. "You mentioned the New Imperial Order, are you recognizing them as their own Sovereign State?"
"The New Imperial Order has embarrassed the Emperor, Darth Prazutis from one side of his Empire to another. They've made him look like an incompetent fool."
"No. I do not seek to recognize them. The Confederacy has remained decidedly firm on our position with the Imperial Order and that has not changed." He explained.
"However, I do recognize reality. The New Imperial Order's strikes against the Sith Empire have been well organized and devastating. I very much like to think the Sith Emperor will take them more seriously in the future."
"Do you believe the Galactic Alliance will lend troops to a Bryn'adul coalition?"
"I would be surprised. The Alliance is only concerned with soaking in the Core. Whenever have the Core factions given a damn about the troubles of those in the Rim? Besides, they are too busy assaulting the Sith Empire."
"The Galactic Alliance are our allies in the core, Shouldn't we be supporting them?"
"In what way?"
"Against the Sith Empire."
"Wait, are you saying you would rather we side with the Sith?"
"No. I am saying that in recent years the Sith Empire have made legitimate strides to destroy the Bryn'adul. What have the Galactic Alliance done? Signed a piece of paper. I'm impressed." The sarcasm was palpable.
"Vicelord Darth Metus has spoken against the actions of the Sith Empire in the past, especially their use of slavery. Are you saying we should condone the bad just because they're fighting The Bryn'adul?"
"The Vicelord is right to condemn slavery in every form. It is contemptable. That being said, I return to my earlier point. Will we allow trillions more to die in the meantime? Or will we eliminate the prominent threat? Although the Sith Empire have a murderous record, they pale in comparison to the Bryn'adul Horde."
"I see. Do you believe the Bryn'adul threat could be stopped easily with a powerful coalition?"
"No. It would be an arduous war. These creatures have relished the sweet taste of victory for months going on years. They are motivated, powerful, and unlike most of us they are unified. They revere their leader as an all-powerful god. They believe he will never fall. Which, given the recent destruction of Lothal, I understand the pride."
"You see, Ms. Remora. The galaxy will soon make a decision. Either it will annihilate this threat or be annihilated by it. The longer we wait, the closer we drift to the decision becoming a singular path."
The Twi'lek woman gave a soft nod before clearing her throat. "Well, that is all we have time for today. Thank you so much for the interview, Exarch Malvern. This has been the Confederate News Network with your exclusive from Exarch Malvern. Have a wonderful day and stay safe Confederates!"