Another morning, another cup of coffee, another rambling from that organ in-between my ears.

Many roleplayers love, love, love world-building right? In fact, to some degree we just about all love it. I think the only differences are that some people put world-building over progression of story and some people have different ways of organizing their world-building.

For me, I love it. I love making specialized unique lore that can be worked on and fleshed out over a period of time. However my world building is simply a tool to enhance the overall story of my character and those surrounding him. Some people really actually place world building over the actual RP. Now, i don't agree with this, but do you, its not really my business what makes you happy. So this thought carried me into the next topic. The Codex and Factory.

Ok, so im sure there are differing opinions on Codex and Factory and that's cool. We're all big boys and girls, we can disagree on something and it really won't matter.

I don't like the Factory / Codex as anymore than a boost for rp. What really seems to suck is some people spend HOURS subbing things in the Factory and Codex and never once do you even see this stuff brought up in rp. Now, ive done that too! So don't run to call me a hypocrite. That being said, we all know the big boys of the Factory. The ones who sub every piece of tech, every plastic cup, and every random droid you can think of. Maybe 50% are noticed and maybe 20% are used. BUT like i said, DO YOU. If subbing stuff like that makes you happy, then go for it.

Not long ago i was speaking to Kiff Brayde about how I don't like over-emphasis in the Factory. Mainly because i just feel like the factory/tech should always play second fiddle to the actual roleplay. But that being said, people like Kiff Brayde , Visanj T'shkali , and John Locke are really awesome to have around. They have a genuine passion for the Factory. One i've never had, not even as a Factory Judge. So hat's off to you guys because it is nice to know that if i do have a need or want from the Factory, there are awesome people to fill that need with sexy aesthetic and artful words. So thanks guys, for loving what you do and continuing to do it well!