"Well if droids could think there'd be none of us here, would there?"
-Obi Wan Kenobi

"Information is power - and that's something that will never change. The holonet is great, it has categories for its categories, and a jumble of third-party matrix systems that all route through sanctioned S-threads to pipe their data content at speeds that make hyperspace junkies do a double take. Take your most intelligent data analyst, and pair him with the computational prowess of a tri-brained droid collective and you might actually keep up with the billions of packets spiraling across the Galaxy, but that still won't do you any good when you need to ferry a ride from the likes of Cathar and it's vast planes of wheat and nonthingness."

The holocam was adjusted as the face of a handsome Hapan youth centered his stylish mug infront of the lens, and shifted back to his work station chair. A holo-emitter projected a virtual keyboard twice the size of a normal one for his fingers to play at. Digits swiped across the holographic blue field inputting data commands that collected in the background of a dedicated holodex server that was being used to fashion something truly interesting.​

"I'm your host with the most, Dashal Vance. Since this recording will likely never see the light of day, and it's trace routes are already cleared out, I don't mind the lack of anonymity. Join me as we chronicle the making of a support system that will not only think, but communicate in ways that only a hot and sexy artificial intelligence system should. Oh, you didn't know that data was female? Well that'll be for another lesson, but let's catch you up to speed. We'll start at the beginning, because there is generally nothing before that -- unless you believe in a quantum state of time flux, in which case if you're single and female, we're already dating. I could budge on single though."

A split screen was initiated, with Dash on the left, and a slew of code on the right, scrolling down the screen at a quick pace. Apparently he wasn't attempting to slow walk anyone to an epiphany, he'd much rather jump right to it.​

"Like any good system that can transmute data into algorithms, we start with data matrix. Most people feel that a datacron would be sufficient for the storage of information, but I think those have a limited view on the concept of infinite information in a finite container. Besides, when I'm done, those lootcrates will be antique. My own formula was taken piece by piece by over a dozen high-class holo servers around the Galaxy. It's an amalgam that has been tweaked and edited for my liking, and it fits nicely into it's own tetris puzzle of information that can stack inside itself, making it a mult-layered system, capable of a clone ever 2.5 nanoseconds for each entry cataloged."

Adjusting the goggles that rested atop his spiked hair, both his legs kicked up and formed a lotus position as he typed. His tongue coming out and sticking out to the side, a notable trait for the slicer whenever he was going through what he lovingly called 'the routine'. A complex entry of encrypted data logs that he could whip up in record time. The boy had devoted his early life to mastering the craft he was currently engaged in.​

"These are the building blocks for what will form the cognitive processing features inside my little experiment. It's too early to tell. That and I think I have a few more dates this week before I can decide if either is gonna hallmark my creation. That reminds me, I need to order more puffcakes. This will take some time though, and since the holocorder doesn't like my voice and the thumping bass of my tunage, we'll call this entry one and lock it away. Stay virtual!"

The feed blinked out, and a 'saved' message blinked a few times on Dash's central monitor before he resumed his chore of constructing the data spine.​