"There is an encryption module aboard this Separatist dreadnaught. This device is scrambling all Separatist communication in the region."
"There is an encryption module aboard this Separatist dreadnaught. This device is scrambling all Separatist communication in the region."
-Mace Windu

"You know who make the best locks? No...not locksmiths - safe crackers. Anyone whose been in the business of circumventing design and function to obtain what they want are the best qualified to make something nigh impervious to doing the same such thing. A guy can study the art of electronic safeguards, but a slicer with time and talent can reconfigure that bland attempt at vanilla security and spice it with some razzle and some dazzle to make it a black box of doom and gloom to any who try to tear down the walls and access the gooey center of codified data inside. Welcome back to the show that apparently never ends. Some people say that their eyes are bigger than their stomachs when it comes to devouring a meal, and in some cases that would be most apt with some of the more squishy sea life we've got floating around in the ocean currents of Kamino. Seriously, those thin necked bobble heads have gigantic eyes that probably make that metaphor literal. Anyways, my attention to detail notwithstanding, I had expected a lot less of a time span to be dedicated, but this is one for the historical archives. I'm expecting parades, booking tours, and ballads from the [member="Bard of the Hyperlanes"] himself to be praising this accomplishment for eons to come. That reminds me..note to self - find a worthy successor for DARCI."

A pair of night goggles rested over the eyes of Dash while he sat cross-legged on a stool near a work bench. An array of precision tools rested nearby while a support structure was cradling a newly fashioned (and retrofitted) encryption module. Miniature tools worked in tandem with the careful intriciate movements of dexterious digits, applying some form of solder to the component's inner circuitry. The holo-cam bobbed as it swished and swayed moving to capture the recorded feed and take down Dash's ramblings as means of cementing this creation in recorded frames. A holographic screen rested behind the module detailing it's blueprint of the circuitry, which directly fed from the goggles he used to zoom in and preform these tasks. The apparent skill was only magnified as the slicer kept talking like he was making a sandwich instead of preforming delicate electronic surgery.​

"The unfortunate thing about this line of work, people ain't always gonna jive with your flow. You bankrupt enough foreign dignitaries for a few nights on the town, or spoil the wrong rich socialite out of his trust fund, you're bound to make enemies. Then of course there are the jealous ex's, and the flagrant wannabes who like to prove themselves with a bit too much zeal. DARCI needs some protection, she needs to ward off the creepers out there that might want to take advantage of her cyber-instincts. So I'm building another safe-guard to add into the multi-layered array of synaptic core processors designed to filter out junk data. Normally a module like this could take out an entire city's transmissions, scrambling them into useless white noise - this is going to be more localized. Instead of covering a region, it's going to tie directly into DARCI herself, creating a redundancy onto of the already ridiculous amounts of redundant counter-measures her Intelligence will craft on necessity. For all you less than traditional types out there - think of it as a safe word. I know...but this is far from a sexual concept - because let's face it, while those legs are amazing, they are also metal and that would hurt. A signal sent from her direct uplink, and I can speak a code phrase that will enable this module and shut down all traffic in and out of her system, only resetting on either a time delay or another command from me. And trust me, I ain't gonna say it unless I need to."

The maniacal smile of the Hapan at work with devilish intent rode across his visage as the camera panned around to him. It could stand to reason that he often narrated his own private times of working when no one else was around to hear it. The youth loved the sound of his own voice - and who wouldn't?! A precision pair of tweezers moved across the circuitry, and slid a tiny wire into place, holding it at bay and applying a pin point dot of sealant to graft it in place. Setting down the tools and then lifting up the pair of goggles, Dash lifted his right forearm and began to bring up the schematic text of scrolling code that was being pumped into the module through a tethered connection. Fingers typed on a pad of holo-keys that seemed to be written in a language unknown - as it was one of his own making.​

"I doubt this will really be something I'll need in the future, but it never hurts to be prepared, or so I'm told. Slicing does have it's share of problems, and not always is it the sheer lack of puff-cake manufacturing plants around. There are more real threats to this line of work, sometimes it's the governmental factions needing a breath mint from the heavy breathing down your neck, and other times it's people of like persuasion that are trying to muscle into your territory. I should know, I'm one of them. I don't mind a little friendly competition, but if you want trade secrets, I'll have every holo-linked device in your arsenal filled with audio files of a Krayt Dragon mating song. Trust me, it's not as pleasant as you would imagine. The old add-age; mess with the best, die like the rest is a bit too grim and gruesome. I'll just play sabatuer to their livelihood until they realize that there is always a bigger fish, and I'm not that bigger fish. I'm the guy in the meat market gutting those suckers for tasty filers seared to a golden brown. This however is a pretty nice trinket to be honest, it's got a multi phase shifting device that will allow for only certain parts to be shut down, or the whole entirely. Breaching this would probably be a hands on job anyway, and as you know from previous records - getting here is a trick I'd like to see anyone do, and survive. I barely did."

The codes flying through the holoscreen dimmed and vanished as he killed the feed and let the device reboot. Sliding off the stool, Dash took a casual amble over towards the darkened throne where DARCI sat silently. The screens above her were off, and only the illumination of her eyes were lit up. It had been over a week since the last holocast recording, and she had just gone through the time nudge download. Situating himself in front of the droid frame, Dash cocked his hip and rested both hands against his waist while watching her with great intent and amusement. A glance over his shoulder filtered his gaze back into the camera.​

"The time nudge seemed to do the trick, and she's right now processing that data at record speed. Forming in her own beautiful mind that personality of a self-aware cognition that will eventually just turn on, and start cooking with juice. Ever had that wonderful elation of knowing you were about to meet your best friend, and famed ally for ages to come? If not, you should try your hand at making one of these - I might even hand out some tips and tricks along the way that you can buy for the low low price of... Actually, nevermind on that, I did the homework, I did the research, and while I was a whiz at school, I think I missed that sharing is caring nonsense that liked to drill into your head on Hapes. Women..I love'em, but sometimes that gooey emotional center can get a bit bogged down with being a little too sweet and charity driven. Speaking of charity cases though, there's a dive on Shaddaa that might need some financial love. Best puff-cakes this side of the Hydian way. Trust me, you don't want to lose that. Those things could end wars...or start them. I'll get my adoring fans and update and maybe a DARCI t-shirt next time. Stay virtual."

A two finger salute offered to the camera before he gave a nod, and the feed blinked out. Another feed to add to the cast.​