Encrypted Fail-Safe

​Stemming from a need to ensure that any outside tampering with the AI
would be counteracted efficiently, a modified Encrypted Module was put into
place to thwart those attempts should they occur. With the already impressive
redundancy system build into the nano brain, this module would act as a fail safe
against attacks that could somehow circumvent that high level of processing
and erasing junk data. Instead of affecting a region of signals, this module takes
all the signal going in and out of the AI and nullifies it's supply line, setting it back
to a singular up-link that can be either on the moon, or on a secure bio-metric
vambrace that the user wears. A code phrase triggered by voice pattern
reocgnition and accent is employed to deliever the fail safe system, as well
as undo it if the default time delay is not sufficient.