"I can hardly believe it…where did the time go?"
"Where time always goes. There's a giant black hole in the center of the galaxy, and it just sucks it right up."

The digital feed sprung to life, reducing the pixelated image nanosecond by nanosecond until the complete image (highlighted by a teal blue hue) came into picture perfect focus. It had been around a month since the last time the holofeed had come back up, and yet it resided in the same location as before. A large durasteel building wherein resided the central piece of advanced technology - a throne. Not just any throne though, it was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, having a massive cylinder like shape behind it forming the base as it were. Above the throne were a myriad of screens which normally pointed outwards, but in this instance had been rearranged to point directly at the subject of this grand experiment. Upon the throne a figure sat, still and seemingly lifeless. Her durasteel construction was poised, with both hands placed on the arm rests while her head rested ahead in impassive animated suspension. The camera turned to feature the slicer and documentary star precariously hanging from one of the support struts and angling the last view screen frame into position. The holo-cam zoomed in to get a good look at his face.

"Welcome back all you technofiles of the digital age. Sorry it's been so long between broadcasts, even if this really isn't being transmitted. Seems I had run into a few snags, and I needed some extra time to move forward. I ended up needing some extra funding, as some of my nest-egg...well all of my nest-egg went into this thing. You might think I don't spend my own credits, and normally that'd be apt - but she deserves the best. Took a few jobs, even got paired up on a blind date - but that is for an entirely different kind of holo-vid with one of those fancy 'M' letters plastered over the warning label. Anyway, took a bit of doing, but I finally worked out another step in this galactic puzzle - which reminds me..."

The slicer yanked the last angle into place, and then launched himself by leg power along to the next support structure. Both hands grasped the durasteel beam and transferred his momentum and body mass to a mix of heavy duty cables. Digits grasped the cable to swing him around and land his feet on an angled railing. Immediately he went into a surfer's pose while gliding down the ramp. He even had time to flash the camera a hang-ten sign before a side flip was executed and his boots found purchase on the tiled floor below -- skidding to a stop in a crouch with one hand pressed to the ground.

"I finally found her name. It took me a while, but after some pondering, and sampling of some very exotic names - she finally spoke to me. As in, I booted her up and that voice - that synthesized vocals smoother than Corellian honey just oozed out a tone that struck this slicer speechless. I know what you're saying - how could anyone trip up your tongue oh wizard of the silver speech? Trust me, you hear it, you'll melt just like I did. So with no more ado or further gilding the lily, let me introduce to you DARCI. Just the basics are installed right now, but we're well on the way to getting ol' Darci to be a real contender for the hearts and minds of the techno savvy and mechanically fixated. She's not really up to speed right now with current notions, but I'm aiming to fix that. For those of you -less- known to the concept of what makes an A.I. tick aside from EMPs, of which she's shielded from, let me explain."

Dash stepped over towards the throne and took a small psuedo staircase up to the left and planted himself on a makeshift pedestal atop the throne's back. Drawing his digits along his right tech vambrace, the slicer emitted a holo screen directly infront of DARCI's face, and began to display a holographic visual aide for the purposes of this classroom lesson. With such a flair for the dramatic, he wasn't just about to lecture this non-existent class on the ways of the A.I. without proper visual stimulation. Clearing his throat with the other hand, the images of a droid brain history lesson came into view.

"Back before Artificial Intelligence was a thing, and the cool kids were all playing with protocol droids - there were a few exceptional droids that were making some very indecipherable changes. Behavioral patterns were shifting, and subtle nuances in their core programming were beginning to come to light. Their initial purposes and motive drives were unchanged, but they were starting to form repetitive functions. Focusing on efficiency the droids began to slowly learn that the patterns they developed could be automated. In turn these thinking machines began to assimilate other predicable routines. Beek-moneky see, Beek-monkey do. They had to start somewhere and just like children learn, they were also adapting. Now this doesn't cover all droids - especially those cans on wheels that fix the ships and beep in melodic tunage. No, these were far more sentient in nature. After another bout with father time, the programming had become more integrated, and various other models were made and created that would interact with the sentients on a higher and more complex level. The cultural understanding would soon separate the droids themselves, and begin to form cohesive units within their chosen profession. This, by the way, is why protocol droids and astromechs seem to have a love-hate relationship in their circuits. Two different classes, and neither could be more egotistical."

The screen changed depicting a rising of intelligence from the pack. Lines of carbon copied droids were in perfect formation, hued over in blue. A few of the non-compliant models were then immediately highlighted in red, blinking to ostracize themselves from the herd. The group then were dumped into obscurity and the red droid forms were then moved together with hashed lines indicating communication between them.

"Droids began to pool resources much like your average governmental faction - but with less flattery and power trips. Well..there were power trips, but that was only when you failed to charge the power cells. Believe me, when one of those things explodes, you best be watching from a sniper scope if you want to get a good look without losing every bit of precious. Nasty things. As time marched on, the droids shared intellect began to imitate each other and spread that knowledge to others, focusing on a more human appearance. They understand that those that lasted were more relatable to their fleshy masters. On the opposite end of the spectrum were those nasty ones who resented the sentient condition, commonly referring to us as meat-bags. There's an opposite to everything - remember that. So, until the next epoch in the great galactic timeline, the droid brain kept evolving, and changing in incremental ways. That is until the droid armies started being manufactured, and the service industry bots started to get less and less appreciated, becoming background noise. There isn't much on when it happened, or why it did - but theory suggests the self aware presence took place around this time, forming into what we know as Artificial Intelligence."

The image faded away as his vambrace emitter killed the feed and he affectionately stroked the fibers of the fake hair on DARCI. The cool blue metallic woman on her throne again didn't move, as she was powered down for the time being. All the screens were dark, save for the small blue glow from the camera that still pointed at Dash.

"In summary, it's all about time and influence. What you see is what you get, and it takes a while. So I decided to speed things up a bit. You Force types out there call it flow walking, but I'm not hip to that cosmic energy, and wouldn't know what to do with it, if I was. However, tech is supreme, as you saw with that whole Omni threat. Now I'm not about to build the next big brother - but I am intending to educate dear DARCI with a bit of help from what I like to call a time nudge. I've got these dozen or so screens setup to host a wide array of videos from every corner of the Galaxy and beyond. History, culture, viral videos, comedy, sports, name it, it'll be on. You think you've watched a lot of Star-Screen? Imagine tracking down just about every video the holo-net has to offer, for the last thousand years or more. For one, you'd never live that long, and'd blow your mind. DARCI here...she's gonna get all this and more as I altered the time-stamp in her core matrix to assimilate the data as if she was watching it for about the same time-frame. In reality, these images and videos will be going so fast, only a superior droid brain will be able to keep up. By my math, it'll be just under a week."

With that, Dash hopped down from the throne and moved over to a desk where he had all manner of holo emitters engaged. A few switches were toggled and the lights of DARCI's eyes lit up in a holographic blue hue. The screens were next going into a state of waiting. The countdown began soon after and Dash flipped the master switch. Videos began to play on every screen, with the audio piped right into DARCI herself. The droid body was just there for show, this was a program after all, and it was housed in something pleasing to look at. The droid itself was not active, it was just offered up from those kind folks at Baktoid for this project. Dash had done work for them previously, getting him well ingrained in the good graces of their red-head CEO. Deeply in her good graces. The time nudge program was activated and while the real seconds ticked by, years passed for the operating system as the videos flashed in rapid array until it was nothing but a jumble of color. The picture slowly fading away on the camera as the process had begun.​