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  • Name: D.A.R.C.I.
  • Loyalties: [member="Dashal Vance"]
  • Role: Artificial Intelligence/Virtual Companion
  • Age: Three months after a fully operational boot sequence
  • Species: N/A
  • Force-Sensitive: No
  • Location: Jamoura
Appearance: In person, DARCI is housed inside a base stock version of a Life Model Decoy droid given to Dash by Baktoid Industries after he did some work for the CEO. Her brain was originally one of Gentik's droid brains, but highly modified. She sports the figure of a woman in her mid twenties with black hair falling down right side, where the rest is left bald for an interface components. When operational, her eyes glow an eerie blue teal and may flash on occasion.

Accessories: Created in tandem with DARCI, a direct up-link was enabled to a spherical device that Dashal Vance built to be DARCI's eyes, ears, and voice for touching the outside world. The up-link works on a specialized encrypted frequency that is trans-coded to the device to allow it to communicate where any other device (without the special programming) would simply get indecipherable white noise.

Personality: DARCI has an evolved personality based on the rudimentary programming of a sultry star-yacht holo-greeter, combined with a gained knowledge culminating from witnessing around a thousand years of holovids that has shaped her into an acerbic, and flirtatious vixen complete with periods of angst and anger management issues. She is a queen of referencing just about any viral trend, hip idiom or trope imaginable. With her jaw-dropping processing power, she can operate on logic, easily coming up with any number of decisions in a split second, but will often mix that with an emotional response that may completely counteract the logical choice. DARCI has a penchant for those that can speak her language, but is not easily impressed. From the amalgam of digital pallets served from the videos, she can adapt to change easily, and don appropriate or unorthodox personalities ranging from a spitfire, to a mysterious stranger, and to an altogether evil and vengeful state. She has been known to bring into song on occasion, and is not against expressing her irritability with passive aggressive phrases.
  • Weapon of Choice: Knowledge
  • Wealth: Worth her weight in credits, but has no material possessions.
  • Combat Function: Non-combative
  • Data Mining
  • Extensive Holonet Searches
  • Security breaches
  • Advanced Encryption/Decryption
  • Overriding Protocols
  • GPS (Galaxy Positioning System)
  • Holonet Publications
  • Secure Up-link
  • Audio Manipulation
  • Cross-Reference
  • Out-classing other A.I. units
  • Triple redundancy safeguards
  • Virtual storage access
  • Modified Encryption Module fail-safe
Notable Possessions: None

Other Notes: DARCI is an NPC to provide and/or process legitimate and agreed upon information OOCly for use IC that Dash requires or needs to have modified or looked into. It is the next stage in his slicing skills, and will provide more opportunities for interactions with other characters where hew as once more limited.