Hello and welcome, (just in case the message above didn't get that point across) to a small formed guide by the one and only Tathra Khaeus. Now, the main reason behind this Q&A is to make it far less intimidating to create a Draelvasier character. While everything may not be fully answered to a finalized degree, I can proudly say this has helped many to become fully functional Draelvasier in our wonderful faction: The Bryn'adûl. (Not that others aren't wonderful...cause they are. Just they kinda smell.) Anyhoosier, below there are a list of frequently asked questions. Each one more evolved than the next in what it means to be a Draelvasier. (Which is basically a badass race beyond comparison. Oops, I'm rambling again.) We appreciate your time and curiosity. Most of all, we hope you find muse in our answers. So, without further ado, we shall begin!




The Draelvasier are a sentient species of humanoids with vaguely lizard, kaiju and insectoid physical features that hail from Draemidus Prime, a desolate world only recently repopulated by the rejuvenated species.

Yes, you read it right; rejuvenated. In 844ABY Tathra Khaeus began the process of genetically augmenting multiple samples of his own DNA, producing a wide variety of sub-races. Over the next four years, the lone Drael strode for perfection. Eventually in 848ABY the first Draelvasier were created, ten years down the line - the Draelvasier have begun to finally sprawl outward into the known Galaxy.

I've taken the liberty of providing a few links here to clear up a few posing questions with this answer. Also, there are more links below this in order to give you sneak peak at what kind of Draelvasier there are. Including terrifying beasts that are constantly at our disposal.

Draelvsasier Species: Click here! (Do it...)
Draelvasier Beast Units: Drael Skags!
| Ashaka Ik'straktors (I was biased here, I did this...Love ME!) | Ra'mak War Beast





At a glance all Draelvasier are incredibly tall humanoids that typically fall in the seven to nine feet area, heavy weights and muscular with a thick skin and predominantly monstrous features. They are not a pretty sight.

Draelvasier differ in terms of biology, having a secondary heart that allows them to survive in low oxygen environment also boosting the blood flow around their body. They also possess a secondary stomach that allows for the absorption of ceramic chemicals that helps develop both their outer-carapace and bone strength. The Draelvasier sinew is also given the ceramic treatment, reinforcing it and granting the Baedurin their impressive strength.

Drael bone structure is also more reinforced than typical, having a bone chassis constructed out of plates that covers their vital organs. Additionally their bones typically partially cover the joints and sinew as an internal protective plating. The Baedurin have this to a greater extent, where as Aeravalin bone structure is less constrictive to allow for greater agility and Sraelvun bone structure is more comparable to Baedurin but lesser.

Additionally, all Draelvasier skin is typically much more molecularly compressed; making it sturdier than human skin. However for Baedurin this molecular compression is also reinforced by their resistant to adverse heats. Draelvasier white blood cells also double in number compared to Humans, allowing them to fight off hazards easier, and also to heal quicker.

Some other examples of what a Draelvasier might look like are linked below. This will hopefully allow you to gauge and understand the sort of appearance your character can be morphed from.

Draelvasier Examples: Zealot Minor
| Shaman Example | Unarmored Juggernaut




So, this question technically has three answers.

The First, is the Baedurin. The Baedurin are the strongest of the trio, having the strength of nearly twenty men on average and skin so resilient to fire it balks at blaster fire. They stand between eight to ten feet in height, broad with draconic faces and broad primate forms. They are mostly inept where the force is concerned but make for incredibly mechanics and creators, typically of weaponry and armours.

They are fast and incredible warriors. They also excel at being Marksmen, but they aren't necessarily flexible or long-term sprinters.

The Baedurin are simple in livelihood by comparison to the other races among the Draelvasier. The Baedurin are the builders, and pick up the slack in specialised units such as Brutes and push through with raw efficiency through a mixture of training and brute force.

The Baedurin, even more so than the other two races put a complete emphasis on strength and will power than the other members of the race, having a greater focus on the Tenants of Battle, Strength & Comradery. However, this comradery is typically primarily shared among their own race more so than others. The Baedurin, due to the nature of their appearance are generalised as being barbaric. But this is not the case.

Tactics, precision and critical thinking skills are all of equal importance within the Baedurin. This, and the ability to face adversity through any means are the key focal points of Draelvasier Tenants that the Baedurin particularly hone themselves to. However, this does not mean they neglect the others. However they do consider these Tenants to be the most important.

To the left is an image of a Baedurin Zealot Major, for reference. If you haven't already, the link below will send you to the Draelvasier Submission page, it holsters racial strengths and weaknesses as well.

Draelvasier: Seriously, Click Here!



Second being my personal favorite, The Aeravalin. (I mean, I made one...So, DO IT!)

The Aeravalin on the other hand are of similar height and in terms of physical stature are no slouches themselves. But their forms are more condensed, lithe and agile. However their force aptitude is also far greater than that of their stockier cousin race. They are more scientific in terms of alchemy and mutation.

The Aeravalin are often considered soft by comparison to the other races within the Draelvasier, suffering from a smaller frame. Aeravalin are still much stronger than humans, however have a more condensed frame and lesser carapace compared to Baedurin.

They have a typically lean and strong build and durable skin. The Aeravalin have a much greater range in variation of their outer shells, some having more insectoid or crustacean like appearances whilst others sometimes have more so hardened flesh. Aeravalin are also notably more cunning typically by comparison to their racial counterparts.

The Aeravalin vary in height, typically being taller than both the other races but slimmer and carrying a more petite frame. One of the more grander differences is in their complexion, their skin being more typically a pale blue or crystallized like ice. Aeravalin in both mind and body carry a strength where their brethren carry weakness. They can endure frigid temperatures with greater versatility, but suffer more-so in hotter environments.

The picture to the right is of an Aeravalin by the name of Sylok'Vanari Sylok'Vanari . It serves strictly as a reference. If you are interested in learning more about the Aeravalin and their racial strengths and weaknesses, visit the links below!

Aeravalin Draelavasier: I've said it twice now...JUST CLICK HERE



Last, but definitely not least, The Sraelvun.

The Sraelvun on the other hand, are the bottom barrel cannon fodder. They are slaves to their own instincts and have little more than a wish to serve well. They are smaller than both of their sister races. They are clawed and feral. Yet their suicidal existence has produced cunning and fortuitous ferocity where none was expected.

Otherwise known as drones, they are significantly less independent than the other races within the Draelvasier. Born with a deep seated coded urge to serve and follow willingly. The Sraelvun is the most common of the three races. Serving as a form of masses for military might.

Within the Sraelvun, they place a sole focus on physical strength. General size and physical power is what dominates their little society. Splitting themselves quite crudely into groups as they create social borders between themselves. These borders boil down to their own height and muscle mass, a form of measurment in their capacity of strenght. Sraelvun typically focus on Apathy and Comradery, more loyal to those they are assigned with from birth in their Drone Battalions.

However, whilst still less independent. There are those Sraelvun which are born from natural methods, who sometimes rarely possess the strength or intelligence of the other races. These particular Sraelvun are known as Risen.

While it might not be the most enticing of choices, the Sraelvun writers we have like Osam have done a phenomenal job at highlighting their purpose. Below I've provided two links, one to our drones submission & Osam's very own submission for Risen Sraelvun. (I recommend being one of the Risen over the other, unless you're into the whole slave kinda thing. ;) )

Risen: Intelligent Sraelvun
Drones: You should click the other link above this...




Draelvasier exist in a meritocracy, with a incredibly stringent culture that revolves around militaristic lives and a zero-tolerance policy for weakness. They are ethnocentric to the point of extreme xenophobia, wishing to wipe out almost all other sentient forms of life.

The Draelvasier and by extension its formal representation, The Bryn'adûl; have a great distaste of technological reliance. They have little tolerance for purpose lacking civilians, being that every member of their society is part of a working war machine.

Almost all Draelvasier are fully committed to their zealotry and hatred of the plague known as humanity.

Where nature is concerned, Drael have a love for nature and believe that it must be respected. By extension their use of beasts and natural weaponry in warfare is a telltale sign of their naturalistic approach. Draelvasier believe every experience is a mentor, and to seek more formidable foes and obstacles in every instance of their lives. This, belief even carries over to food. The Draelvasier hunt and kill their food, believing that they should only eat powerful creatures. And, in the eating of these creatures they gain their strength. The Draelvasier believe that by consuming an animal they also devour its spirit, paying tribute to their strength by lending it to their own.

The Bryn'adûl and Draelvasier do not believe in money, placing only value in what they need or take by force.
You only own something if you take it or make it.

There is a lot here that is left to be desired and to ease the confusion, I've provided a few links below for a better insight.

The Bryn'adûl Culture: Check this Out!
The Bryn'adûl Artefacts: Yeah, click here!




Due to the highly indoctrination based system of education within the Bryn'adûl, almost all Draelvasier who survive to adulthood are zealots of their beliefs, and patriots of the Bryn'adûl and hold a high regard for their Chieftain.

The nature of the Bryn'adûl government is to employ a vicious system of accountability that is a constant pressure; maintaining efficiency throughout their species. This produces a stringent and competitive mind-set in Draelvasier but also puts strains on comradery as anxiety is common among their ranks.

Their society is a meritocracy. Nothing matters but the merits of strength [of both body & mind], competence, adaptability and respect valued by the Draelvasier. This also, creates possibilities for rises in rank, as one can simply challenge their ranking officers if they believe them weak. This also makes ambition and sinister aspirations common among Draelvasier.

There isn't too much to add here. However, we always want to make sure that the writer has freedom to decide personality in their own way when creating a character. The above is just a precursor of what to expect from many other Bryn'adûl writers.





The Draelvasier names typically take inspiration from Nordic & Egyptian naming traditions. Additionally, we try to keep our names as far from typical human names as possible. A mixture of alien and mythic. Draelvasier names are simple and blunt usually only two syllables with multiple vowels and harsh sounding constantan's

Examples: Xraeldi, Cruktak, Triansk

Feel free to name your Draelvasier how you see fit. We look forward to seeing you in our faction and are excited to see your creations. Below...well you know what I did. :)


So, there you have it. If you made it this far, a few links and some avatar searching and you'll be ready to break out a big baddie monster. All of us in The Bryn'adûl would love to have you as part of our faction. As always, if you have any questions don't be shy to jump into our discord (which I can't link here...rules, who needs em?) or if you can't seem to find that option on our faction page, pm me and I can help you out! One last thing, huge shoutout to Tathra Khaeus for almost all the content here ;)

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