To whom it may concern,
Following the 78th Viceroyalty Legislative Assembly, the governing body of The Confederacy of Independent Systems has voted to enact special sanctions against the United Clans of Mandalore.United Clans of Mandalore. These sanctions are in response to military action taken against the Confederate Defense Force, during it's approved pacification and liberation of the foreign planet, Taanab.
The sanctions are as follows:
Article I, The United Clans of Mandalore are no longer recognized as the official governing body of the Mandalorian people. The Viceroyalty as well as the Ministry of War have voted to mark this group as a terrorist organization, with the intent of spreading fear and oppression throughout the galaxy through rapid military expansion. Therefore, they are no longer allowed the right to negotiation and Defense Force officials will accept nothing less than unconditional surrender.
Article II, The Head of StateHead of State for the UCM, @Yasha Cadera, is officially charged with crimes of war; such as murder of civilian non-combatants, unlawful levy of civilian combatants, and the spreading of illicit propaganda. These, along with being the confirmed leader of a terrorist organization, have led the Ministry of War to declare her a Threat Level: Primary, fugitive.
Article III: The United Clans of Mandalore are hereby ordered to immediately remove all personnel, military and civilian, from the following worlds:

Failure to do so, will result in immediate military action against all UCM forces in the above-mentioned territories. Additionally, these territories will be under the direct protection of the Confederate task force, Vail-Talon.
Let it be known that these sanctions, formally known as the Taanab DoctrineTaanab Doctrine, are a result of the continued military action against the Confederate Military. As long as the UCM continues to harass and assault the people of The Confederacy and her allies, they will be met with military force. The Office of the Viceroyalty will no longer tolerate these barbaric actions. We are making the end of these conflicts a top priority. If the UCM take steps to adhere to this doctrine, then negotiations for the end of hostilities may be undertaken. However, if these sanctions are not followed, steps will be taken to dissolve the UCM in its entirety. This is the will of the Vicelord.
Office of the Vicelord
Exarch of the Confederacy

Adron Malvern