Never use your pet's name as a password. Lord Vader.
-Unidentified Slicer

"So, while these missives may not exactly see the light of bright bright day, I'm hoping at least someone comes along to scrape up the data packets I'm leaving behind. Why you ask? Well...currently I'm trying to outwit a moon. That's right, a fething Moon. If my calculations are correct, and they really should be since I've been correcting my Hapan family since I was four, I'll either land somewhat safely, or...not. I'm truly hoping that this tech comes through, it should breach the EMP field with just a bit of turbulence. Then again, this could blow back in my face, we could have a nice bit of radio silence, and then I could be eating dirt - literally. We're hoping for the former option obviously, but hang on to your holovids kiddos - because this is gonna be an interesting ride."

The holo-cam pivoted away from the somewhat concerned slicer and panned to the view-port where a large field of electric blue energy was pulsing across the curved expanse of the Moon had had just been speaking about. The view of the field became larger and thicker second by second as the shuttle he was currently 'borrowing' was going at it at ramming speed. The outer hull had been fortified to withstand the shifting conditions of the gravity generated by the cosmic ball. As well, the 29L electromagnetic countermeasures package was kicked into gear as the ship attempted to do what few before it had done; land. A simple two finger salute was offered by the Hapan as the energy field erupted around the fortified freighter and the ship began to shake. The feed began to blink in and out rapidly before it went completely offline.

Static arose, blaring it's white noise native song before the feed beeped back into existence. This time the scene was much different. A very unhealthy ship was parked awkwardly at an angle upon very rough terrain. It certainly looked damaged, but it was still able to fly, mostly. The gravity shifting was the hardest to deal with, but the EMP field above the moon had only caused some slight issues with the entry. Enough to knock out the sensor array, nav-point trajectory and his own holo feed. The pilot was okay as well, but it was just a droid, and those things were easily replaceable. Dash turned to the camera, his face smudged a bit as he was checking himself over to make sure he was still in one piece.

"Oookay...I don't recommend that. At least not without signing a waiver for all your organs to be donated to the nearest galactic hospital., what a ride. People would pay good credits for that. Hmm, well we're here. Where is here? Glad you asked. Meet Jamoura, home to what amounts to just about a fifth of the entire holonet. That's right, this wandering moon has base stations all over it's rocky terrain that spit out the signals that give you kiddos that wonderful virtual delight. They call the people that run this place the 'Jammers'. Yours truly is going to become an honorary Jammer for just making it to this rock. Alright let's get a move on - Horatio...this way. Bring the gear."

The floating holocam panned to see the moon's satellite array in the distance, and the buildings attached to it. It was going to be a hike, but the droid that had been piloting was more than capable of carrying the load Dash had brought along to setup in the Command Central colony. The rocky terrain was difficult to manage, but the craft was safe here. With such a low population it wouldn't be that difficult to get back to this location. A large durasteel tote was carried by the droid right behind the slicer as the marched up the bill towards the facility.

"This little slice of paradise is going to be the base of operations. I think she'll like it, it's roomy, has a nice view, and she can get signal like no one else can in this haven for the holonet. Stay tuned. I'll be reporting back when we have word on the first stages of a rough boot."

Dash gave a smile as he accessed the panel to the service entrance and gained entry. The pair moved inside and the door shut as the holocam video session went dead one more time.​