However on a more serious note my Pokémon Y playthrough was more difficult than I had anticipated. Doing crappy MS Paint doodles were actually the biggest time drain on the series and it killed me. Not to mention I hadn’t actually played Pokémon Y before, so I was itching to actually play the game for myself without having to keep stopping and writing down my progress. So yeah, it fell apart pretty hard. BUT THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT MAYBE DEFINITELY.

So I'm sorry if you were in it for the doodles. They're dead.

Seriously?[/i] Catch creatures, collect creatures, fight creatures. Simples.

1. Level restrictions.[/b] This means that my Pokémon can only be a certain level at certain points in the game. I will be adhering to the level of the upcoming Gym Leader’s strongest Pokemon. This restriction will likely be my undoing.

2. Dupes Clause. [/b]This means that if I encounter a Pokémon I’ve already caught before in a new area, I have to ignore it. I may have three tries to encounter a new Pokémon that I have not caught before but if I encounter three duplicates, I cannot catch any Pokémon for this area. This is both a blessing and a curse.

3. Shiny Clause. [/b]If I encounter a Shiny Pokémon at any time, I am allowed to catch it, as they are extremely rare but I may not use it in battle.

You’re a phony! [/i]

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