[background=Good day, menfolk and womenfolk! Let me introduc-[/size]
[background=Well, hi, I’m Louise, have you met me before? I'm the harbinger of disappointment![/font]
However on a more serious note my Pokémon Y playthrough was more difficult than I had anticipated. Doing crappy MS Paint doodles were actually the biggest time drain on the series and it killed me. Not to mention I hadn’t actually played Pokémon Y before, so I was itching to actually play the game for myself without having to keep stopping and writing down my progress. So yeah, it fell apart pretty hard. BUT THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT MAYBE DEFINITELY.
[background=So why will Pokémon LeafGreen be any different?[/font]
[background=Well, for starters, I’ve played LeafGreen and FireRed many times, and it’s the game I feel that’s the easiest to go through (and one of my favourites).[/font]
[background=Also in the place of MS Paint drawings I will be using actual screenshots! This time instead of playing on a console I’ll be using an emulator (YES, I OWN THE ORIGINAL GAMES, I'VE PAID MY DUES AND MONEY) so this should eliminate a lot of the grind of making each episode.[/font]
So I'm sorry if you were in it for the doodles. They're dead.
[background=So wait, what’s Pokémon?[/font]
[background=[i]Seriously?[/i] Catch creatures, collect creatures, fight creatures. Simples.
[background=Bro, I know what Pokémon is, but what’s a Nuzlocke Challenge?[/font]
[background=The Nuzlocke Challenge is a series of self-imposed rules to make the experience of Pokémon (which is, admittedly a game for children) a little harder and more interesting. The rules are as follows:[/font]
[background=1. You can only capture the first Pokémon that you encounter in each new area.[/font]
[background=2. If your Pokémon faints, it is dead. You must release it.[/font]
[background=3. You must nickname every Pokémon, to try and build emotional attachment. [/font]
[background=That is it, pretty simple, no?[/font]
[background=Bro, bro, I know what a Nuzlocke is, you rolling with Dupes Clause? [/font]
[background=Ah yes, there are additional but not mandatory rules, exceptions and clauses. There are a few that I will be following, these are as follows:[/font]
[background=[b]1. Level restrictions.[/b] This means that my Pokémon can only be a certain level at certain points in the game. I will be adhering to the level of the upcoming Gym Leader’s strongest Pokemon. This restriction will likely be my undoing.
[background=[b]2. Dupes Clause. [/b]This means that if I encounter a Pokémon I’ve already caught before in a new area, I have to ignore it. I may have three tries to encounter a new Pokémon that I have not caught before but if I encounter three duplicates, I cannot catch any Pokémon for this area. This is both a blessing and a curse.
[background=[b]3. Shiny Clause. [/b]If I encounter a Shiny Pokémon at any time, I am allowed to catch it, as they are extremely rare but I may not use it in battle.
[background=Okay, less simple than I said it was, but it’s still pretty easy.[/font]
[background=Hold on, what if all your Pokémon die?[/font]
[background=Then the challenge and the series is over. Game over, man, I'm dead and so are all of my Pokémon.[/font]
[background=So, wait, is this like a Let’s Play?[/font]
[background=In essence yes.[/font]
[background=The first Let’s Plays were actually done through text and screenshots on forums! This will be similar to those, although with a twist! [/font]
[background=In dedication to our craft (play-by-post roleplaying for the oblivious) I will be writing this with a touch of story, and as a character. There will still be details to keep us up to date on what’s what and who’s who (Pokémon levels, natures, movesets, items picked up) but other than that, this will be quite story orientated. [/font]
[background=So, how are you going to do this? How often?[/font]
[background=It will be episodic, episodes will be as long as I deem suitable and a new episode will come out every Saturday.[/font]
[background=Wait, you’re just rehashing the Introduction questions from the first playthrough! [i]You’re a phony! [/i]
[background=Honestly, I’m just glad that you’re still reading and have noticed this.[/font]
[background=What if nobody reads it or likes it? After all Pokémon is for children and virgins! Us Star Wars fans are mature, we like wine and cheese parties![/font]
[background=I will be making my friends read it and also forcing them at tearful gunpoint to tell me their favourite parts of each episode so I can keep on going.[/font]
[background=Also, your wine is corked, bro.[/font]
[background=Will this FAQ ever end?[/font]
[background=No. This is actually just a giant FAQ, I’ve fooled you all! However, in all seriousness, any further questions, comments or requests can be left below. Tell me what you think, if you like it, if you hate it or even irrelevant babble.[/font]
[background=Now, without further ado, let’s begin![/font]

[media] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMk8wuw7nek [/media]​