Sylvia had been sent out to help secure the Sith-imperial border. Camp had been set up in the midst of the grasslands. The others with her were soundly asleep in their tents while she kept watch. The girl wondered why she was even here, a failure amongst proper acolytes of the Sith. Her uniform felt suffocating. She looked at the stars above, but only felt small and directionless. She now wondered why she kept trying to earn that Force-forsaken title.

A flash of lightning. A face appeared before her.

Everything around her was pitch-black, except for the woman that now stood within it. Sylvia knew exactly who it was. She had wanted to forget her, but she couldn't. The one who now symbolized all of her failures.

Rain fell, somehow. Sylvia felt tears rolling down her cheek. She never wanted any of this. Why couldn't she have admitted the truth before it was too late?

The Bastion academy. Sylvia's dorm.

She was leaving. Sylvia wanted to stand up from the bed she sat on, to stop her from doing so, but she was frozen. One foot was out the door already. A desperate scream escaped the magenta-haired girl's lips.


Sylvia's eyes shot open as she gasped for air. Slowly the world around her materialized and she came to realize she was in her bed, within the safe confines of her ship. A whimper was all she could muster as she tossed off the blanket and tossed her feet off the side of the bed to sit up straight. Crestfallen, the woman covered her face with her hands. She felt it coming again, but she was alone. It was fine. She could cry here.

The hope it made everything more bearable had been abandoned some time ago already, though. This marked the third night in a row where Sylvia was plagued by the exact same nightmare. Despite the fact things were supposed to be better now, and they were, it didn't give her closure.

Sylvia Virtos and Elle Mors were inseparable, once. Two souls born in a system that fit neither, but they made it work. Sylvia trusted nobody but her best friend. They'd always do everything together, they had promised each other. As they grew older, Sylvia came to realize she had feelings for Elle, but that only scared her. They were friends, best friends. Something she didn't want to risk. It was the one secret she kept from her. Today, that was her greatest regret.

Elle was gone, now. As much as Sylvia wanted to drown out the memories of their last encounter, with every attempt it would resurface eventually. She'd do anything to have her back, but that's not how life worked.

Welled-up tears escaped her eyes as Sylvia tilted her head backwards and let her hands fall to her sides. She sobbed, but instinctively tried to hold it back. After all this time, she was still a complete mess. Some things never changed. There was one thing that could break those mental barriers, though.

Looking over to the nightstand, she reached for the single drawer it had and pulled it open to reveal a
folded, crumpled piece of paper. She hated reading it, but if she wanted to get any sleep tonight she needed to get everything out of her system. This would break the barriers that kept her from letting it out.

She took the letter and unfolded it. An ugly wail resounded through the ship as she read the first two words.

Hey Ellie...