Twenty minutes quietly passed by while Sylvia stared out at the familiar view of black decorated with white streaks of light. She barely moved, only shifting slightly in her seat to look at Spark when it occasionally beeped. The droid would never get any verbal response, though. It didn't even come up in the spacer's mind to take off the thick and bulky coat to do something about the uncomfortable heat she felt- Spark was fighting an uphill battle to draw her creator's attention, but that hadn't stopped the droid before. When its beeps didn't do the job, it simply moved to the next strategy.

Flying itself into Sylvia's shoulder repeatedly until she did something about it.

"Okay, okay, I get it," the spacer said with exasperation to get Spark to stop. With a sigh she got up from the pilot's seat and began making her way towards the ship's main area. "Listen, chite... happened. I got a lot to think about. Like, I should've at least tried something to help, and- Ugh. I'm a mess." She unzipped her coat as she walked out of the cockpit and took it off, tossing it onto the workbench she passed by on her way to the ship's comms terminal. She needed to call Quinn Varanin to let her know she was okay, but after a minute of hesitating she went to send a written message instead.

:: You probably already know what's going on Csilla. I'm safe. Ship's in hyperspace on its way back to Eshan. ::

Sylvia really did not want to bring up the topic. She could only imagine the hurt it was going to cause, but not being honest was only going to make things worse. A few moments later, a second message was typed up.

:: We also need to talk. Something happened. I should tell you in person. ::

Spark beeped again at Sylvia unwillingness to send it. She knew it had to be done, but sending it put a deadline on the decision she had to make. Another sigh, then the message was sent. It was the right thing to do.

The worn-out couch that the spacer had once unceremoniously dumped into the ship's main area was her next destination. She sat down slowly to not unnecessarily agitate her shoulder and ribs. Tumbling off the speeder had been painful, but she had gotten lucky all things considered. Speeder accidents have had much worse consequences.

"Alright, so, basically," Sylvia began explaining before Spark could ask, "the photo. The one I showed you way back. With me and Ellie? That blonde girl? She's alive. She was on Csilla." The urge to get a drink to take the edge off grew, but the woman suppressed it. She needed a clear mind for this.

"We didn't have much time, but... turns out we had feelings for each other. Honestly, I still do. Which obviously is a bit of a thing. Ah, why am I even explaining this to a droid of all things. Just let me be for a bit, okay?" With a few more beeps, Spark left for the cockpit to leave its owner to her thoughts.

Sylvia's heart was split and she somehow had to figure out who she had the strongest feelings for. Elle Mors was impossibly kind and caring, and despite all the two had been put through, their bond remained unbroken. Throughout the years Sylvia had been too afraid to act on it, but the feelings she had today were far from recent. Only because she was convinced that Ellie had died did she open up her heart to another- Quinn. Nothing was ever boring with her in her life. They found each other again when both needed the other most, allowing their relationship to blossom. There never had been any doubt about how Sylvia felt about her despite the challenges, not until now.

Both Ellie and Quinn had wurmed their way into her heart, leaving her with an impossible choice. While deep down the answer was already there, she was afraid. Being honest was going to mean she would let at least one of the two down, while neither deserved that. She couldn't even be sure she wasn't about to break two hearts at once.

Sylvia took a deep breath, in and out. She had to be honest to herself first. The outcome had to come secondary to honesty. She accepted her feelings as they were. A choice had been made. Whatever happened next was exactly what she deserved.

It was going to be a painful visit to Eshan.