Sup. Hope you're not missing me too much ;^)

This job ended up taking longer than the guy said it would, figures. I ended up having to demand payment for the extra work he decided to pile onto me too. I'll be leaving with a nice sum of credits but Force, he's a clown lol

We're wrapping things up tomorrow, though. I'm about to turn in for the night but I've been thinking about you all week, so I wanted to send you a quick message. I should be on Eshan again soon. Really soon. And with how long this job took, I think a long break is in order too.

You really should come along sometime. Perhaps with something not too illegal. It'll be fun, I promise.

Sleep well, I miss you, etc etc. I'll see you soon, princess.


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PS. I'm actually putting effort into my grammar and punctuation for you. Don't say I don't try <3
PPS. I've been practicing a new song on the guitar. I can't wait to play it for you.

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