Welcome to this episode of Hydiran Way News, all the news worth reporting, I'm your host Melissa Clairborne.

In a follow up report to the Coruscant Incident, the Hydiran Way News was able to obtain an interview from another witness to the events as they unfolded.

*Cut to video of the office of the Regent Lord of Thyferra. Although he is wearing a well cut uniform, his bandaged wrapped arm is prominently featured.*

"Thank you for allowing us to interview you, your Grace. You were among the eye witnesses who survived the events in the Senate. What were your thoughts when the initial attack took place?"

"I was scared, terrified. I sought to escape the horrendous and chaotic attack by the Jedi in the upper floors of the building, and hid myself in a room to compose myself before I was attacked by a Republic Officer. That night forever shook my feelings on the Republic and Jedi who I held in such high respect before hand. Look see for yourselves. I was able to obtain security video from the Senate records proving it."

*Cut to silent footage of the High Lord in room looking at his datapad, when the door caved in and soldier in Republic battle armor points a weapon at him. The high lord raises his arms in surrender, but it appeared that instead of accepting, he was suddenly shot several times before the video cuts.*

"A Republic Officer? But the Republic and the Jedi both claim that it was a Sith Attack. Did you see any actual Sith in the Senate during the attack?"

"Sith? No. Jedi? Yes. They attacked everyone and everything, even Republic troops. It was quite terrifying..."

"So you mean to tell us this was actually a fight between Jedi and Republic forces? Could this be some sort of civil war or a more dastardly attempt to seize power? What is the official stand of Thyferra regarding the Republic/Jedi invasion of Anaxes so soon after the so called Sith attack?"

"Thyferra is in a state of uncertainty after the attack, but our view of the Republic has significantly lowered since then. We are preparing our defenses should they turn their covetous eyes in our direction. Unlike the Anaxes we won't be caught unprepared."

"Is there concern on the Senate Floor that other planets will also be annexed by force as well?"

"Of course there is concern, with such a bold and blatant attack on the senators of this fair Galaxy, who knows what the Jedi might do. Most Senators, whose names I will not say for obvious reasons, are worried that the Jedi would martial an army and take over their worlds, as am I worried that I myself will be silenced for these words tonight. But the people must know of this treachery!"

"Thank you, your Grace. Your bravery and honestly are a shining beacon to the rest of the Galaxy."

*Cut back to the studio.*

You heard it first here, more and more Senators are fearing the militarization and annexation of force of their worlds. Hundreds are preparing for the defense of their planets against the Republic/Jedi threat. Clearly there were no Sith on Coruscant during the attack despite claims to the contrary. What power struggles are going on in the highest levels of the Republic/Jedi conspiracy? Who is the dark mind behind this sinister plot?

These questions and more will be answered by this reporter in future episodes. My name is Melissa Clairborne and this has been the Hydiran Way News.