Welcome to this episode of Hydiran Way News, all the news worth reporting, I'm your host Melissa Clairborne.

Chaos broke galaxy wide for unknown reasons when droids stopped working and began a massive interplanet rebellion against their masters. Information is still sketchy at this time, but it seems that the incident has spread all over, sparing no planet from the ravages of the machine. We have tried to get interviews with luminaries in the respective governments but so far only the Sith Empire has been willing to grant us an interview.

*Cut to video of a polite looking man of average height, slicked back brown short hair, trim goatee, blue eyes, sitting in a hover chair. He is wearing the uniform of Moff in the Sith Empire.*

"With us today is Moff Sergio Hammerstein of the Sith Empire. Thank you for granting us an interview."

"It is my pleasure, Ms. Clairborne."

"Was the Sith Empire aware of the threat posed by the droids, rumored to be led by a figure only known as Omni?"

"No, the Empire was caught completely off-guard by this sudden and very dangerous threat."

"I see, given the sudden and overwhelming attacks, it seems that this Omni has been planning this for some time. What steps has the Sith Empire undertaken to combat the threat?"

"We've pulled all civilian and military forces back away from the infected worlds, found shelter for the civilians and have increased protection of the uninfected worlds to fend off any attacks that would endanger the lives of both civilian and military personnel."

"Will this mean destruction for the droid population in Sith Space?"

"Unsure, usage of droids will be non-existent in fights against the infection but the use of other droids, such as your basic protocol and service droids will most likely be limited or become completely un-used as events continue to develop."

"What is your view on the goal of this mysterious entity?"

"The entity's goal is clear, to assimilate all organics under its thrall. The Empire will not tolerate its people being subjugated by a Machine."

"Do you think it can it be reasoned with or is all out war the only option?"

"We have reason to believe that it cannot be reasoned with, and our only option is to destroy it completely. We're unsure as to how to accomplish that, but hopefully the Summit at Kuat can lead to the answer to the salvation of the Galaxy."

"Does this mean the Sith are willing to put aside your differences with the Republic to combat this bigger foe?"

"For the greater good of the Galaxy, we are considering a temporary alliance with the Republic, as long as the Republic agrees as well. Things are not set in stone, however; I myself would not object to an Alliance."

"What solutions is the Sith considering to combat this growing threat?"

"A good question, and one I sadly cannot answer. Things are still too chaotic, and a solution not yet reached."

"Any message for our millions of loyal viewers during this time of crisis?"

"Fortify your resolve citizens of the Empire, and believe in your Empire to defeat this foe and bring Order to the Galaxy once again. Glory to your Empress, and glory to your Empire. For those Republic viewers and those not of the Empire, know that your salvation resides not in your haphazard Republic, but in the glorious Empire."

"Well that is all the time we have for now. Thank you again, Moff Hammerstein."

You heard it first on HWN, with the the other factions seemingly reeling in confusion, the Sith Empire has been taking steps to address this greater threat. Would the Republic agree to unite forces with the Sith? Are the Sith alone in trying to find solutions to the growing droid menace? Will they be able to stop Omni and its minions from taking over the galaxy?
These questions and more will be answered by this reporter in future episodes. My name is Melissa Clairborne and this has been the Hydiran Way News.