Welcome to this episode of Hydiran Way News, all the news worth reporting, I'm your host Melissa Clairborne.

Today we are here exploring the next guest on Faction Watch - Omega Pyre. The fourth largest faction in the galaxy today, with a steady influx of new members, it is the faction to watch.

*Cut to an interview within the palatial offices of Omega Pyre. Sitting at the desk is a strikingly beautiful redhead wearing a conservatively well cut military style leather jacket. Behind her the logo of Omega Pyre blazons in three dimensional holographic glory.*

"With us today is Vice President of Omega Pyre, Ms. Tegaea Alcori. Thank you for inviting us for this interview."

"You are welcome Melissa. Omega Pyre sees this as an excellent opportunity to let your viewers know more about us."

"Tell our viewers what makes your faction different form all the other factions out there?"

"First of all, Omega Pyre is not a government, we are a broad based company. We administer several planets, but we do it with the help of the locals. We're not interested in taking over the galaxy, or even being dictators on one planet. We have a mission and we're sticking to it. The Republic, the Sith, the Remnant, they all want control, taxes and conscription. We don't tax the people we protect, we don't conscript them, and we don't turn them into drones."

"What are the goals of Omega Pyre?"

"The goals of Omega Pyre are, since we're a company, to make money for our stakeholders and our staff. But, the other half of the equation is that we have a mission. The galaxy is in a mess. Mercenaries, thugs, Sith, Imperials, whoever; they all are out to exploit those weaker than themselves. We don't do that. Our goal is to provide the strong with the support they need, and to help the weak with the support they deserve. We take requests for help and we never ask for more than they can afford to give us. Sure, it's not as profitable as gouging everyone, but our stakeholders knew that when they got in."

"Given the dangers of open warfare between the Republic and Sith, what is your political stand to the various factions in the universe?"

"I don't care much about politics. One government's pretty much like another; some are less murderous though. We sell our services of weapon and ship design and military intervention to whoever can pay. While I don't want a full scale war to break out, I have no attached interest in either side."

"You mentioned you are not a government but rather a company just doing business, why does it work for you?"

"We don't have a government. Each planet has their own leaders, and where we have bases we have members of that government, but we are there by invitation and partnership. It's not always a smooth run and we have arguments like everyone. What we have though is that we're not imposing ourselves on the people as their masters."

"The biggest concern is the growing hostilities between the Republic and the Sith, how does this affect your faction so far and would you side with either combatant?"

"We side with whoever is willing to engage us. We don't kill civilians or enslave them, but war is hell. When the blaster bolts start firing ideals go out the window pretty quickly for everyone, even those with the best intentions."

"Are the rumors true that several former members of the Syndicate are now members of Omega Pyre? What about their alleged criminal backgrounds?"

"From what I've heard, it's true. What about their backgrounds? Is there anyone in the galaxy who can honestly say they've got nothing to hide? As you go up the tree of power you have more skeletons in the closet. I'm sure you do, I do, the Chancellor of the Republic does, I'm sure. I trust Cira's judgement totally, and that's all that matters."

"Care to comment on the rumor that the Jedi were trying to start a war with the Syndicate on their alleged criminal deals? Isn't there a danger that they might turn their eyes on your faction now?"

"If the Jedi are willing to travel halfway across the galaxy to attack us when the Sith and Imperials are out there, I say good luck to them. I'd have thought the galaxy had enough fighting without starting another war. But, their choice, but I reckon the Republic would be pretty upset, as they are one of our biggest contractors."

"What about the rumors that Omega Pyre is accepting bounty contracts from what the more respectable members of society call less that legitimate sources?"

"In a galaxy where the 'Republic', 'Empire' and 'Sith' control less than 10% of the galaxy, what is legitimate? We screen our contracts to make sure we don't go for ones which are unjust. But there is no longer a single galactic power, so legitimacy is rather a point of view I'd think."

"Would you care to comment if OP would consider accepting bounty work being offered by the Sith Empire for the live capture of the individuals they have labeled terrorists like Jedi?"

"We might consider it, but as I said, myself and Cira review all cases and do not process the ones which we consider unjust. However, it's not like the Jedi are perfectly moral guardians of truth either. We do what makes us money and what we feel is morally right."

"Thank you again Madam Vice President. We do wish you luck on your future endeavors."

You heard it first on HWN, an exclusive look at what makes the Omega Pyre functions. Will their style of governance work? Can they remain neutral in the war between the Republic and the Sith? Which faction will be featured next on our show?

These questions and more will be answered by this reporter in future episodes. My name is Melissa Clairborne and this has been the Hydiran Way News.