Welcome to this episode of Hydiran Way News, all the news worth reporting, I'm your host Melissa Clairborne.

Just moments ago, a massive Sith Fleet jumped out of hyperspace and launched an invasion on the Mandalorian planet of Junction. In a press release given to us the Sith stated that "This is a defensive precautionary step to curb Mandalorian aggression against the Sith Empire's interest. The Sith Empire will not tolerate attacks on its ships and personnel and such actions would be met with lethal force."

We are here today live on the Mandalorian Hospital Ship, Wrath of Khan, as it is about to leave the space around Junction. Behind me you can see hundreds of wounded, men, women and children, the result of a lightning strike by the Sith Armada on the Mandalorian world of Junction.

*Approaching a Mandalor clad in battle blacken armor, the fearless reporter began asking questions*

"Melissa Clairborne for HWN. A few questions for our viewers."

"The Sith are claiming this attack is in retaliation for the Mandalorian assault on their forces awhile back. As a Mandalorian citizen what is your opinion on this?"

Kyr looked around to all the lights and cameras meant for this "interview". He had no idea as to why he was even here, but he had been randomly selected of any of the few who escaped Junction to tell the story. He wasn't very pleased with the prospect and even more so displeased that a Sith had been interview at some point in this same spot as well. The Tusken growled and almost ignored the lady's question. But then went on to answer it in his usual fewer words are better. "If we fight them, it is expected that they fight back." His low and deep voice uttered, his Tusken accent very evident.

"Ok. Where were you when the fighting took place?"

Kyr was almost insulted that she asked such a question. Where was he? Where else would he be? He scoffed before speaking. "I'm a soldier, and a soldier sleeps his nights in a Barracks." He told her bluntly. He didn't allude to her what he was doing on Junction, but to be honest he didn't care what she felt that she needed to know.

"Are you always this hostile? What was your impression of the invasion? Can you share with our viewers what it felt like when the Sith army descended on Junction?

What did a savage as him know about feelings? War was bitter; he had no sentiments for it. War was life, and thus the death that descended upon the planet that day was no different. "Life is bitter. War is the same, thus what I feel is only bitterness. They killed children senselessly that day. Those children could have been mighty warriors and adversaries for them to us, but instead they wasted them needlessly." It was quite lengthy. Probably some of the most words he had spoken in quite a long time. He seemed to forget that there was a darker part to him, one that hated the Sith for what they are, more so than any philosophical level he could describe.

"The galaxy views Mandalorians as some of the vicious fighters in the universe. How do you compare to the Sith?"

At this a little light filled the Mandalorians heart, as he truly felt pride here. Although it was some of the highest sand dunes he had ever climbed, nonetheless it was truly some of his finest moments. "I feel we compared very well. I fought two Sith that day, one Master, and the other was a coward. Just as the rest were, he threw up needless shields to ward me off. I am a mere initiate, and I was able to stand against Sith more experienced in their trade. Our men and women could, and should be considered equals." He felt very confident in this belief, and the tone in his deep voice softened slightly to express this.

"Aside from you were there any other survivors?"

"Yes, to my immediate knowledge I know of two ships that I had called in to collect me and my closest kin. Number to be under ten within those two ships. There were hundreds of others, but I could not count them, and in what state they were in I have no idea."

"How were you able to escape the Sith blockade of Junction?"

The Tusken let out a sigh to this, as to be honest he didn't quite understand how they were able to do so in the way that they had. It seemed far too merciful for the Sith to simply let them go. But he was here to tell the truth, and so he did. Very slowly and with skepticism, he answered. "They... let us go. Unharmed. It was unsettling to say the least. But us wounded dogs need to return home to recuperate for the next invasion, so we headed for Concord Dawn."

"As a Mandalorian, what do you think is the goal of the Sith Invasion?"

"They wish to destroy all cultures. They want to enslave, and dull all their conquered."

"What are the chances of you successfully defeating the Sith invasion?"

"It is unknowable. But both the Sith and my people have endured hardships no different than now for thousands of years. I believe nothing will change, as the Sith will begin to turn on itself as they always have."

"If your homeworld falls, what would it mean for the future of the Mandalorians as a faction?"

"If Mandalore falls, we shall fight for it back. As long as there are Mandalorians, we shall resist until the very end. The loss of a world means nothing to our culture, just as the loss of Junction does not change us."

You heard it first on HWN, an exclusive look at what the war on Junction. An act of aggression or a defensive move? Can the Mandalore win this fight without outside aid? Where are the leaders of the Mandalorians and how will they oppose this invasion?

These questions and more will be answered by this reporter in future episodes. My name is Melissa Clairborne and this has been the Hydiran Way News.