Welcome to this episode of Hydiran Way News, all the news worth reporting, I'm your host Melissa Clairborne.

The Republic was recently rocked when news that the Jedi Grandmaster Teferi fell on the field of battle, rumors began circulating that a new Grandmaster was elevated before his body had time to cool.

*Cut to a video of a young human male standing in front of the Jedi Temple on Tython. His long blonde hair was neatly swept to one side so the viewers could see his calm but serious expression.*

"With us today is the new Grandmaster Darrion Wraith. Thank you for agreeing to this interview and on behalf of all the staff of HWN our condolances on the passing of Master Teferi."

"What is your fondest memory of the Grandmaster? If you could share this with our millions of viewers, we would appreciate a glimpse at the person who he was."

"Honestly, my best memory of Teferi Efreet was the day after my right forearm was severed off by a Sith Lord. I had failed my mission grandly, but he kept telling me that I had done the Order proud in saving an innocent life with my sacrifice. It really hammered in the fact that he valued the Jedi learning the lesson's he taught, over us compromising who we are to make ends meet. I was an emotional wreck that day as a teenager, and there he was telling me how proud he was of me despite my failure. It's a testament to the man, and he will forever be missed."

"Was the Republic aware that Grandmaster Teferi was involved in the war between the Mandalorians and the Sith? Did he have official sanction to be actively fighting on one side and potentially risk the wrath of Sith retaliation being brought to the Republic's doorstep?

"Yes, in our previous role the GrandMaster didn't have to ask for permission. We were viewed simply as another religion that could get temporary military ranks should the Republic need us. That is why there are changes being made to the Order, and incidents like that won't happen again. In Teferi's eyes, he acted as a Jedi. The Sith were attempting to take over their world, and impose control and the former GrandMaster did his duty in trying to protect innocent life. Did he fully look at the political ramifications? I don't think so, but he always went with what he felt in the Force. Or as a non-force user would say. His gut feeling."

"Is it true that the Jedi Council sent a group of inexperienced padawans with the Grandmaster? That they were ill equipped to face the forces deployed on against them?"

"Yes, our forces were spread quite thin at that particular moment. I had been sent with a sizeable portion of Jedi to Onderon/Dxun for a diplomatic mission, and many Jedi were helping the Echani Compact set up a treaty as well. Teferi took as many capable Jedi as the Order had that day, yet the battle proved to be greater than the aid sent. Had he known how bad the fighting was, I can assure you our attentions would have been redirected to fully focus on the Mandalorian/ Sith conflict and you would be interviewing him and not me."

"Would you care to comment on the rumor that when the Grandmaster fell on the field of battle, the Jedi suddenly abandoned their posts and fled from the battle, leaving the Mandalorians to fend for themselves?"

"I will be quite honest with you here Ms. Clairborne, my predecessor's death rocked the entire Order. I was on the moon of Dxun fighting off a Sith ambush and I felt his passing in the Force, Teferi Efreet was our shining beacon of hope. The man who had lead the Jedi out of the darkness of the Gulag Virus, and the one who personally taught the majority of us. I am known for my experience in battle, and it took all of my lessons from the former GrandMaster to stand fast in battle and ensure victory for the Republic that day. Yes, they left and returned his body to Tython. Just because we have extra abilities, and we try our best to teach emotional control doesn't mean we don't bleed as you do, or know fear. That day was a dark day for the entire Order, and I promise to do better for the Republic after that event."

"How was it, you were chosen to be Grand Master over all the Jedi? Was their an election? Who decided to pass the mantle to you?"

"I wasn't elected, I was informed by a fellow Jedi Master, Kamon Vondiranach, and Jedi Knight Jaxton Ravos of my predecessor's last words. He passed on to them a pin that I wear on my breast plate, and he had apparently chosen me as his successor long before his death. I wish I had more to say, but I didn't even know who would lead the Jedi until I saw his body first hand on Tython after his death."

"What traits gave you an edge over the other Jedi Masters? Is it true their are rumblings of discontent over your sudden elevation? Can you confirm the rumors that the Jedi would now be taking a new political role in the running of the Republic government?"

"I see myself as a defender of all innocent life, but if I wanted to discuss my talents. I would start with the fact that I am regarded as the best warrior within our Order, I mastered a form of lightsaber combat no one else in the Jedi has in centuries. I have a good handle on my Force abilities, and I strictly adhere to the code that all Jedi serve. I have endured much personal loss serving the Jedi and Republic, I even lost my right forearm in service to the galaxy. I have heard that my courage is well known, but it is not an easy subject to discuss myself. As to the rumors of discontent, I have heard nothing of the sort. Though if people disagree with my promotion then they are free to state their opinion, I am not above criticism. In fact I welcome it. Also, we will be officially become a branch of the government. We will report to the Chancellor and Senate, and our members can officially join the military."

"Unlike politicians who are elected by the people, by what checks and balances would be in place to prevent an abuse of power since the Jedi would not be technically elected into office?"

"The very first check I have put on myself is the formation of a Council, made up of myself. Two Jedi Masters, a Knight representative to voice the concerns of the younger Jedi in the Order. Also the Supreme Commander and the Supreme Chancellor both have seats and votes on the council. We report directly to the senate as well as the Chancellor, we are not perfect nor are we always right. The best the Jedi can hope for us to be servants of the people, and the shield of the Republic. We are far from perfect, we stumble and fall as many in the galaxy do. The difference is we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and the very citizens we serve have a voice in what we do through the government."

"Will the Jedi pursue the previous disastrous policy of meddling in wars what do not affect the Republic or its worlds? Will they risk provoking a response which could potentially bring the war to the Republic's doorstep?"

"No, any incursions outside of Republic space will be cleared with the Senate and the Supreme Chancellor before proceeding. I firmly believe our first mandate is to protect all innocent life, but as a part of the Republic we will respect their judgment. Our fates are intertwined, and I will not allow the Jedi to cause chaos. We are protectors of the peace for the Republic, and we will only go so far as we are allowed."

"You mentioned that no unauthorized excursions outside of Republic space will be allowed? What does this mean for the Mandolorians in their war with the Sith?"

"It means they may continue to seek our aide, but they will need to put the request before the Senate and the Chancellor. We are not leaving them alone, nor is the Order abandoning everyone. We are simply rising to platform we always should have always occupied, and we must answer for our actions. The Senate and Chancellor will do what they think is best, and we will live with their decision. Does it mean that I think they should be abandoned? No, I will always try to encourage the Order being able to save as many lives as possible, or liberate those that are oppressed. That's what makes government so great, its the voices of the many that will decide our fate. Not the Order acting independently. "

"Well that is all the time we have for now. Thank you again, Grandmaster Wraith."

You heard it first on HWN, with the changing of the Guard, new policies are coming into effect. Would this bring a new peace or new troubles for the Republic? Will the Jedi remain the impartial judges they claim to be or will politics corrupt their ideals? Will this contain the violence to just the space between the Mandalorians and Sith or will it spread to include other worlds as well?

These questions and more will be answered by this reporter in future episodes. My name is Melissa Clairborne and this has been the Hydiran Way News.