Welcome to the inaugural episode of Hydiran Way News, all the news worth reporting, I'm your host Melissa Clairborne.

Violence marred the opening session of the Republican Senate on Coruscant, when members of the reclusive Jedi order began attacking the senators present. Among the casualties was Senator Drigg'bgg'igg'lgglesen of Anaxes rumored to have been torn limb from limb when he futilely tried to make the Jedi stop. We were able to obtain this interview from one of the senators present during the incident.

* Cut to interview video of a man whose facial features were blurred. *

"It was like a nightmare. One moment, the senators were about to get seated to begin the regular session, the next it was bedlam. People with lightsabers fighting the guards, smashing property, I tell you I was lucky to get out alive."

"What about the rumors that this was a Sith attack?"

"The Sith? Are you serious? Coruscant is the heart of the Republic, there are Jedi all over the place. How could Sith be here? Wouldn't they detected before they got to the Senate in the first place?"

"Then why the attack?"

"Look I can't say for certain, but I heard a rumor that the Republic Senate was concerned with the violent expansionistic plans of the Jedi council. There was a block about to move forward to limit the Jedi's involvement with the military. Drigg'bgg'igg'lggle of Anaxes was the author of the bill, well until his unfortunate demise.

*Cut back to the studio *

Truly strange that the author of a bill to limit Jedi militarization was among the victims during the attack. Furthermore for an so called Sith attack it is strange that the Republic and the Jedi have put provided no proof of the presence of Sith. Everyone remembers Jedi fighting with soldiers, but not one shred of evidence of Sith. Could this be scaremongering to drum up support for the Jedi plans of conquest.

To this date, the Jedi have not brought forward the people responsible for the rocket attack on the Republic Senate. Nor has the Jedi Council replied for our request to interview Dex Rostu as to give their side of the story. As far as the Jedi Council is concerned it was a Sith Attack and warned not to ask any further questions.

Is this a foreshadowing of things to come? Will the Jedi ride roughshod over the rest of the systems? Who would believe that the Sith could strike at the heart of the Republic and the Jedi? Is this a plot of the Jedi to take over the Republic? These questions and more will be answered by this reporter in future episodes. My name is Melissa Clairborne and this has been the Hydiran Way News.