Welcome to this episode of Hydiran Way News, all the news worth reporting, I'm your host Melissa Clairborne.

Once again the peace of Coruscant was rocked by a powerful explosion which demolished the Living Heritage Museum, killing hundreds of civilian tourists and injuring an untold number more.

The Living Heritage museum was known far and wide, as Coruscant's largest ediface dedicated to peace and understanding. In the past notable personages have paid the establishment a visit to contemplate and meditate. Alas, this will be no more.

According to witnesses, a couple of Jedi entered the museum during its peak hours, and then began to attack people without warning or provocation. Dozens were injured before museum staff realized what was happening. The Coruscant SWAT had appeared at the scene but before they could breach the perimeter, it seemed the Jedi destroyed the building and themselves with explosives.

We tried to get a statement from the Jedi Academy but they refused to speak to this reporter as of press time. Could this be a foretelling of things to come? Why did the Jedi attack an institution dedicated to peace and understanding? Why does the Jedi Council refuse to acknowledge their responsibility in this tragedy?

These questions and more will be answered by this reporter in future episodes. My name is Melissa Clairborne and this has been the Hydiran Way News.