Welcome to this episode of Hydiran Way News, all the news worth reporting, I'm your host Melissa Clairborne.
Morje, a quaint water planet in the middle of nowhere, became the latest sparring ground between the forces of the Republic and Sith Empire. Although things nearly came to blows, a great disaster was averted through the actions of a single Sith diplomat who kept their cool in the face of threats and aggression shown by the Jedi.

According to our trusted sources, the Sith Empire approached the members of the Kral'jica in the hopes of establishing peaceful trade and diplomatic relations. To wit, our sources tell us the largest of the water clans, Clan Pekel had reached such an agreement with the Sith Empire when suddenly from out of nowhere a massive Republic fleet lay seige to the planet.

*Cut to video of a gray haired old man wearing the dark grey of Sith Diplomatic Corp appears on the screen. One would get the feeling that he must have swallowed a fly because of the look of distaste on his face*

"Yes it was true, we did not expect such blatant and wanton display of force on the part of the Republic. We had a middle ranked diplomat on that world along with his honor guard, hardly the invasion force the Republic claims we had sent. They came to lay siege and wage war. We believe they were planning a planetary bombardment to quell the native population into submission."

"Fortunately we had a member of the Sith Diplomatic Corp on planet. No, I cannot release to you their name at this time as we have received viable reports that the Republic and the Jedi have posted bounties to get him assassinated. A vile despicable cowardly act, but I wouldn't expect nothing less from our foes."

"One Sith was able to stop the entire force of the Republic's armada. With the force of his personality and sheer courage, he forced the Republic and Jedi to back off. The Republic Fleet was sent home scurrying like a dog with its tail between its legs without having to resort to violence. True the Sith forces were attacked, and our valiant soldiers fought to defend and protect the people of Morje. If all it took is one Sith to quell the entire armada of the Republic, then they are right to be afraid. The Sith Empire will not stand for any of the Republic's bully boy antics or their Jedi assassins. We stand for the right. We are Sith."

*Cut back to the studio, where Melissa is sitting beside a large holding tank containing Kral'jica floating happily*

"We have with us tonight a special guest, Zuka, Kral'jica diplomat to the Sith Empire and her interpreter."

*subtitle flash showing the translation into Galactic Script*

"Greetings honored Zuka of Clan Pekel. We are most grateful you agreed to join us tonight."

"The honor of meeting is ours, Melissa."

"How do you feel now that the Sith Empire has established diplomatic ties with your people?"

"Grateful. Before all we knew is one ocean. Now we swim in an ocean of stars."

"How did you feel when the Republic suddenly appeared with their space ships?"

"We were afraid. So much anger they possess. We were prepared to go into the dark depths had they began their attack."

"Yes an attack prevented by a sith ambassador. My sources said it was a very close call."

"If not for Orange Eyes, I fear the worst. He told me not to be afraid. That he would not let the Jedi and Republic enslave our people. He kept his word. Because of him we are free."

"Do your people have any regret making an alliance with the Sith?"

"Not at all. For centuries our people have been kept in the dark. If the Republic had their way we would still be isolated and unaware of events shaping our galaxy. Our only regret is that it did not happen sooner."

"Thank you for your time, I am sure we would look forward to learning more about your fascinating people, Ambassador Zuka."

How many more worlds will the Republic and the Jedi keep in the dark? Where will they strike next? Why are they resorting to intimidation and mass murder?

These questions and more will be answered by this reporter in future episodes. My name is Melissa Clairborne and this has been the Hydiran Way News.