Superiority, minds, philosophies, materials, beings. What really determines it? Is there ever a certainty? I have long since considered this question. Naturally, my own mind is vastly superior to most. My knowledge and ability to alter and create dwarfs that of any being I've yet to meet, non have surpassed me. It is why I call myself a god to my creations. Though, to call myself god to my own race would perhaps be a bit dramatic, I believe I still eclipse both the Humans and the Vran. Every useful facet of humanity, I excel at. And the same with the Vran. I am a pinnacle of physical health to both, and a mental phenomena! It is only natural that that which I create should call me god. Father is certainly a more endearing term of course, I suppose either is acceptable. I considered the term 'Master' but it lacks meaning in this context. I am their creator of course but I only command where needed, to truly prove my mastery of the galaxy they must flourish without me. Unaided by my hands except in those very first steps as a race, to allow them to begin with the same chance as any new race must have.

However, were the galaxy full of me. Were I to clone myself into a common race. My mental faculties included. I would cease to be the superior being. I would simply be one of many. I have made mistakes in the past. My alteration of the Devaronian I now use was a work of art on his mind, but it was hardly the most impressive feat. The Shekti proved excellent alone, and in natural environments can certainly flourish if they can be given a predator to keep them from over-growing their own capacity to breed and consume. But their lack of intelligence grounds them to the planets they are brought to. Still, a prime example of an unintelligent, and individually un impressive, race that still is one of the strongest as a whole. Compare a rancor to its equivilent mass in Shekti and one could see the issue, put into the same environment, the Shekti would flourish. While the Rancor, powerful as it is, may adapt more slowly.

Then came the Voran, ah my precious children. Were I to ever feel proud of a creation they perhaps will be my favourite. Stronger than a wookie, more agile than a mirialan or a twi'lek, yet with powerful minds, and senses that grant them advantages in nearly all forms of life. They see the universe in a way I wish to one day see. Through its very existence. The 'Force' provides them far more insight than could be gained, simply by the loss of some conveniences due to societies expectations. Ah, if only I could have made them in the beginning of time, they would have dominated the galaxy beneath their snowy limbs. If ever I were to be choose from the existing races, than short of the Celestials should they even still exist, I believe it would be my loved Voran. Terrors to the eyes of the common man, but beauty to the eyes of a biological alchemist. I would share all my knowledge with them were it not that I must see them prove their own abilities to me.

There are other creations of course, good ones. My Cursed Blades are a convenience, but weak compared to many artifacts of time passed. I believe they fit a convenient spot still, giving strength to those like my Devaronian, who while skilled, needed that boost to put him on the level of a True Contender. But greater than this is the Persistence and The Generator. I believe The Generator a true masterpiece of design, and the persistence a good use of some of its designs. But these things, they are but things. They are creations, yes, but mere tools. They mean nothing without a wielder, without a being to control them. In my death the Persistence and The Generator may lose their true potential, should I not find a way to grant my presence to another. No it is the species and alterations I preform that truly show my worth, genuinely lasting impacts that can exist independently of me. That could form a galaxy of their own and reach the stars if placed alone on a world.

I must focus my efforts on such matters, I must prove that my purpose is to create. The blades are destruction, the persistence is a convenience, only the generator exceeds anything beyond a mundane purpose and only to such an extant as far as I can wield and learn with it. No I must fill the niches, I must exploit the natural order of the galaxy. Where one gap opens I must fill it in, and where no gap exists I must cut into and replace. I must find mundaneness and expand it into glory. The Voran and the Shekti are nearly entirely unique races, but they do not fill a niche. Impressive though they may be, the galaxy was not prepared for their coming. The shekti must be manually deprived of their own growth so they won't destroy themselves in their hunger and reproduction, the Voran are so unique that they are nearly impossible to miss, while useful, it proves inconvenient for a new race.

But there are alternatives, alterations, creations that are new yet take advantage of the pre-existing niches and expectations of the galaxy. Ways of not just preparing my creations for the present upon their release, but allowing them to pave their own way over time. To determine their future by their own powers or intelligence. The Voran were perhaps released prematurely. Their intelligence betrays them with curiosity, they desire a life that may take half their individual lives to gain, or more. One I do not know I will be able to make myself see.

But I can still keep going, I can create! I must create! It is my destiny to be a god of the history of the sciences of biology and alchemy! To alter the very course of nature itself! Sung or unsung, my changes shall outlast empires! They will see other races rise and fall! This is what I must do! If immortality is truly out of grasp of my corporal form, I shall make myself immortal in my own way! I shall be the god of my beasts and they shall remember me for eons to come, and even in their forgetfulness over the centuries and Millenia, my designs are etched into their very DNA.