"You don't realize how important a datapad is until you're stranded on Raxus Prime with nothing but your boots and a blaster."
-Han Solo

"Four things are necessary in life; and while compromises can be made to make do with what you have, the lack of snacks on this rotating HoloNet Substation is a crime that undermines the very values of sentient life. Honestly, the cafe here can barely scrape together a protein pack, much less a healthy dose of seasoned Corellian potatoes and puff-cakes. Their desert selection is abysmal, trying to pawn off artificial flavored razzpops. There isn't even any strawberry, and there's nothing as good as strawberry. Thankfully this artificial beauty isn't going to need any contention in the space-cafe. She runs on pure data, pure unadulterated unfiltered data. The packets will come a'calling and she'll eat 'em up and compile like no one's business. If a droid brain collective could see her now, their circuits would certainly short. That a nearly limitless supply of the plant's main generator. Helpful hint - never hire a Dug to do your power management - unless you want the highest winning bribe to get the best power supply. Still, not exactly money out of my pockets, and it'll take about twelve different transceiver modifications to figure out where I bounced that signal from to empty the pockets of some foreign dignitary."

The holo-cam refocused it's photo-receptor lens and shifted to watch the Hapan trek across a dimly lit warehouse like structure where a massive mainframe was being constructed in the middle of the room. Light shown in an eerie fashion along the center console cylinder which emptied into a larger base. Wires from the ceiling rained down like a glistterstim web connecting into various ports, and fashioning a quite impressive and highly complex network. At the base, a makeshift throne was already in place crafted from slabs of durasteel, and sat currently vacant. There was also the tapestry of holoscreens that were being emitted from dangerous looking spikes of metal forming squares and rectangles at various and sundry angles. The holographic blue hue lit up the central command station. A whirr of motion caused the camera to shift onto the kneeling form of the Hapan was he bent over what seemed to be a dark metallic shape of a bipedal figure.

"Nano composite micro-brain. That's what I've come up with thus far. For all you lovable tech geeks out there, it's a poly-core concentric processor that basically breeds itself in replicated synergy. Cloning the data is just the stepping stone, for every microgram of data filtered in, the packets are analyzed and then categorized. It's like a tornado of information that spits out the bones and filters the 'meat' of the collection into every subset of the brain. From there the analysis computes separately and then together as a whole at how to best use the information given. I'm a quick thinker, but I'd become a living vegetable if I tried that stunt. If any data corrupts, it's immediately purged and rectified into digital waste. She'll probably frown if that happens, but that's as far as it'd go. Yes..I still don't have a name, she hasn't spoken yet, and I generally can't get a read on the ladies who are mute - so, that'll have to wait. Speaking of..isn't she a beauty?"

Dash waved the camera over, and it came as bidden circling up and over doing a full sweep of the form. The lithe and limber evidently female form was coming together fairly well. Even down to artificial hair that was combed into a more punk style situation. The glare of his night goggles filtered across the camera before it auto-corrected and shifted to zoom in on the face. It was rather placid right now, with the eyes closed, mainly because it hadn't been powered up yet. All in all it was coming along quite nicely.

"She's quite the mannequin at the moment, but trust me, she's more than a machine. This girl is gonna have more spunk in her than most personality chips could possibly calculate. Samples have been taken and collected from every adventure I've been on. I needed a wide variety so that the brain could craft its own. Another wonderful edition of the synapse drive. Behavioral pattern analysis I've taken from four major casinos were integrated into the chipset. It not only identifies personality traits and behavior in others, but it auto-adjusts to the need, and uses the collective response algorithms to manufacture a response. In other words, she's gonna be moody as hell whenever her cycle reloads. You see why I know that data is female."

A wink was offered to the camera as the precision tools of the trade were then reapplied to the cranium as Dash began to continue his work on the installation he wanted on this particular unit. Sparks flew from the tools, bathing the scene in white light opposed to the dim blue hue behind him. Despite the Hapan heritage, the night goggles compensated well for the dark lighting. It made him see mostly in hues of red and green depending on the mode it was in, but it generally didn't hamper his interactions.

"You're probably wondering what's with with Master Control chair sitting over there. Well this is the Queen of the S-threads, and she needs a throne. Crafted it special to make her feel more royal, but also to display the various loads of information she'll have in the humming brain of hers. View screens for the data, and a constant uplink to everything that's piped in and out of this facility. All the major satellite arrays pipe through this as a junction box, and thus she's gonna make one heck of a virtual babysitter. A hot babysitter - whoda thunk? Don't worry ladies, I still prefer organics to the less than squishy metallic of your fair gender. Sometimes though, a guy will fall for the sardonic personalty that this royal is going to possess. I just hope she doesn't get jealous!"

The pained and worried face of the slicer was set back into the holo-cam's frame as he stood up and tapped the floating droid on the head.

"I'm assuming a name will come once she gets booted and gets her processors in order. Force knows how long that takes. You ladies really need to learn speed when it comes to creating a look. If she's anything like the dates I've been on, it might be weeks before the lights turn on. I'll keep ya posted. As always - stay virtual!"

The feed blinked out again, ending the transmission log.​