I see the light. I also see a Picnicker, I'M GOING BACK IN.
Route 10
Picnicker Carol lurks outside the cave, waiting to pick off people that she expects to be tired after hiking through the tunnel.
Won 420 (eyyy) Pokémon Dollars!
Then it’s Hiker Clark’s turn. Do they think they’re picking me off? Do they think me as prey? When will they ever learn?
Won 684 Pokémon Dollars!
One more for the road, this time one of the nerds. Pokémaniac Herman. This is all too easy. I am a GOD.
Won 960 Pokémon Dollars!

Hiker Trent now. Gah! Just let me leave and go to the next town! I’m itching for a Pokémon Centre! And a break from all this battling!
Ganglor grew to Level 29!
Won 684 Pokémon Dollars!
Lavender Town
Finally! A new place! I’m so grateful to be here that I don’t even feel too affronted with the fact that this is clearly a village and not a town. I heal up at the Pokémon Centre and go out to explore and see if there’s anything worth knowing.
The Pokémon Mart is my first destination, I’ve saved up a lot of cash and it’s burning a hole in my pocket.
Purchased 18 Great Balls!
Purchased 14 Super Potions!
Purchased 7 Antidotes!
Purchased 7 Parlyz Heals!
Purchased 4 Burn Heals!
Purchased 5 Ice Heals!
The first house I check out has the Nickname Rater. I scoff at the idea, my nicknames are clearly perfectly crafted and had real thought put into them. Like the majesty of P-Collins the Magikarp or the terror that Shazam the Voltorb puts into the hearts of men. I don’t need these services.
Next door is an absolute tragedy. Apparently Team Rocket has killed a Cubone’s mother, leaving it an orphan. It’s all very sad, and I would feel worse about it if I had not been leaving a trail of broken and dead Pokémon on my path to the top.
If you leave me now, you take away the greatest part of meeeee....

I awkwardly edge backwards and out of the house.
The last residential house is the Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House. This town is just full of bleeding heart Pokémon lovers. It pretty awkward that I’m here given my carnage. The house belongs to a Mr. Fuji, who is very evidently not at home. Whatever, I’mma bounce.
The last feature of the town is the Pokémon Tower, a literally graveyard. Oh no, oh hell no, I am not ready for this place right now. I am gone. So gone. Gone gonezo.
Time to move on, and it’s also time for something else. I take P-Collins out from the PC. It is time. TIME FOR THE GRIND.
Route 8
Lass Julia is my introduction to this route. She’s got a couple of marshmallows. Gosh, I hate Clefairy and I take both of hers down.
Won 352 Pokémon Dollars!
Razz found a Persim Berry!
Gamer Rich is next. Dude doesn’t look very rich, looks pretty homeless actually, he’s just sitting with his dice cup and his robe.
But what's underneath the robe?

Shazam grew to Level 23!
That being said, he pays out big upon losing. Maybe he is rich.
Won 1728 Pokémon Dollars!
There’s a paddock with a patch of grass in it. It’s time to snoop around, see what I can get….and OH DAMN, IT’S A VULPIX. It tries a roar! To scare me off but it fails! Oh gosh, it’s so close! No! I want this, I need this! A fire-type would help make this squad!
I caught a Vulpix!
I call her Vesta, because she will be my Goddess of Fire.


Yeah, look I know it's not a Growlithe but you can't catch him in LeafGreen. Don't take this from me.

P- Collins grew to Level 16!
Shazam grew to Level 24!


I...was careless.
I didn’t expect the critical hit.I didn’t think he’d miss twice in a row. I didn’t heal the poison. I made a mistake, I was too full of myself. I messed up. Again. Razz. Not Razz. No. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to do.
Burt grew to Level 23.
It’ll be a short walk to the Pokémon tower.
I can't cope.

The rest of my training is done in grim silence.
P-Collins grew to Level 17.
I battle Super Nerd Glenn, there are no quips or observations that I can stomach to make at this time.
En Garde grew to Level 28.
P-Collins grew to Level 18.
Won 528 Pokémon Dollars.
P-Collins grew to Level 19.
I wish I had a funny caption for this moment, but I'm dead inside.
Burt grew to Level 24.
Burt learned Slash.
P-Collins grew to Level 20.
I can't even celebrate this.


Razz is gone.

P-Collins evolved into Gyarados.
P-Collins learned Bite.
Taught P-Collins TM03 - Water Pulse.

P-Collins grew to Level 21.
I stand in this field of death, and I fight.
Vesta grew to Level 17.
Vesta learned Will-O-Wisp.
Vesta grew to Level 18.
Vesta grew to Level 19.
Vesta grew to Level 20.
Training my Pokémon isn’t helping. I feel hollow. I feel angry. I just wish I could go back, given him an antidote, or a super potion. I mean, I had plenty. I had just been shopping, my inventory wasn’t low! I just...
Vesta grew to Level 21.
Vesta learned Confuse Ray.
Vesta grew to Level 22.
Vesta grew to Level 23.
I'm not really a font of entertainment at the moment.
P-Collins grew to Level 22.
P-Collins grew to Level 23.
I apologise for the distinct lack of entertaining inner-dialogue right now, but that's the problem with a Nuzlocke challenge, you get attached.
P-Collins grew to Level 24.
Sasha grew to Level 21.
Sasha grew to Level 22.
Every time I go to look at my Pokémon, I still expect to see Razz there holding a berry that he picked up for me along the way, but he’s not there. He won’t be there ever again.
Sasha grew to Level 23.
Sasha grew to Level 24.
Sasha grew to Level 25.
Sasha grew to Level 26.

He wasn't the strongest, he didn't hit like a truck or could tank hits for days, but he was a team player, a forager, a money maker, he was Razz and I let him down.
Vesta grew to Level 24.
Vestra grew to Level 25.
Vestra grew to Level 26.
There are a lot of Meowths on Route 10.
Shazam grew to Level 25.
Just gotta keep going.

Shazam grew to Level 26.
Burt grew to Level 25.
Burt grew to Level 26.
P-Collins grew to Level 25.
P-Collins learned Dragon Rage.
P-Collins grew to Level 26.

I continue down the road, my progress enough to continue but I’m not over it. Is there a Pokémon afterlife? Is Razz there with Sassafras? Or is there just nothing? I don’t know.
I’m challenged by Twins Eli and Anne, the first double battle of my adventure but any shine is taken out of this by recent events.
Shazam grew to Level 27.
Won 528 Pokémon dollars.
There’s an entire line of Pokémon trainers standing there waiting to duel. Of course, I’m going to fight them but I don’t feel up to my usual bravado and cockiness.
Just gotta get through it.
Lass Paige is first.
Won 368 Pokémon Dollars.
Super Nerd Leslie is second.
Won 624 Pokémon Dollars.
Lass Andrea’s opening line is about how cute Meowth is. I can’t handle it, my stomach drops. I feel an unfathomable rage, towards this girl, yes but more so towards myself. However, I’m not the one I’m going to be taking this out on.
P-Collins grew to Level 27.
What do you even say?

She’s so cavalier upon being defeated. She makes me sick. I hate her.
Won 384 Pokémon Dollars.
Lass Megan is next up. She too has a Meowth. The universe is taunting me.
Burt grew to Level 27.
Won 304 Pokémon Dollars.
Biker Jaren drives back and forth on the road, clearly looking for a fight. I can’t say that I’m not looking for a fight either. I need something to distract and this is the only thing I know.
Vesta grew to Level 27.
Won 480 Pokémon Dollars.
Biker Ricardo drives up to me next. His intimidation is wasted. His Grimer and Koffings don’t worry me at all.

Won 460 Pokémon Dollars.
I find Gamer Stan at the top of the road, and I take him on. We have to keep going, we can’t just mope around. We have to move forward, I have to move forward.
Won 1584 Pokémon Dollars.
Super Nerd Aidan is the last opponent on this route. Good. I want to leave Route 8 behind and never come back here. He’s got a Magnemite. Sassafras. Razz. I’m reminded of my failures on this bitter road.
Won 480 Pokémon Dollars.
Underground Path
Found 1x Awakening.
I’ve got a lot of time to think down here. It’s a long walk and I find myself pacing back and forth contemplating Razz’s death. I’ve been fighting through but can I continue? Of course I can, I can’t quit...but, the pain of loss, it hurts. Is this devastation worth the possibility of glory?
Well I won’t know until I’m there. I have to buck up. I have to keep my head up, I have to let the Indigo League know who I am…

...and I’ll do it for Sassafras...and I’ll do it for Razz and I’ll do it for the rest of the team…
...and I’m going to do it for me.
Route 7
First Pokémon I encounter here is Meowth. The world is testing me, I know it. I can do this. Next is a Pidgey. Then a Bellsprout. There’s nothing here for me.
Burt grew to Level 28!
Celadon City
Now, this actually might be a city. Not just a few scattered houses but actual apartment buildings. Good. It’s time to explore.
The first thing I notice is that there’s a heavy Team Rocket presence here. It practically smacks you in the face. I wonder how long it’ll be before I end up interacting with them. Probably not long at all.
First things first. Lets check out this gym.
An old man stands outside, peering in the window and having lecherous thoughts. I decide to leave him to it, if this city has a Team Rocket problem the local authorities probably aren’t going to be too fussed with a peeping Tom.
Correction: It's full of girls, you creeper.
This gym is all women, and it’s all grass-type too. Thankfully I’ve got a fire-type and two flying-types to deal with this.
Lass Kay comes and goes.
Won 368 Pokémon Dollars!
Beauty Bridget is the second up. When I defeat the girl, her main concern is her makeup. Not even fit to be a Pokémon trainer.
Sasha grew to Level 27!
Won 1512 Pokémon Dollars!
Picnicker Tina is next on the list. She had a tough Ivysaur but my type-advantage is too much.
Sasha grew to Level 28!
Won 480 Pokémon Dollars!
Beauty Tamia is the fourth. I’m really not too worried by this stage, but Razz is still in my mind. Hubris is a dangerous thing.
Won 1728 Pokémon Dollars!
Now it’s time for Beauty Lori. She’s got an Exeggcute but I’ve got a Vulpix.
Won 1728 Pokémon Dollars!
Cooltrainer Mary is up next. She’s got five Pokémon but are they any good? They don’t stand up very well but they do nothing but inflict status effects. Vesta, paralysed. Caw McGraw, paralysed. Sasha, asleep. However I still pick up the win.
Vesta grew to Level 28!
Won 792 Pokémon Dollars!
Last trainer before the gym leader. Lass Lisa. She goes down pretty easily and I’m one step away from another gym badge.
Won 368 Pokémon Dollars!
Now it’s time. Ericka is a disarming gym leader. She seems lackadaisical at best and introduces herself in a faraway daze, before telling me that she likes flower arrangement. I don’t buy it for a second. This is all an act.
I'm onto you, Erika, you crafty hussy.

Vesta fights tooth and god damned nail with her Victreebell. We both have to heal our respective Pokémon mid-fight but it’s my Vulpix that ends up on top.
Vesta grew to Level 29!
Vesta learned Flamethrower!
Her next Pokémon is Tangela and I opt to send Sasha out to fight this one. This battle is a team game. Sasha is nowhere near as troubled as Vesta was and ends up obliterating the Tangela with one hard peck. Good.
Sasha grew to Level 29!
Last but not least she sends out her Vileplume, to which I respond with Caw McGraw. Her Vileplume tries the Sleep Powder game but Caw McGraw doesn’t have any of it, snapping out of his sleep after one turn. His next Wing Attack downs the overgrown flower.
Caw McGraw grew to Level 29!
Victory continues in the face of tragedy.
Earned the Rainbow Badge!
Won 2900 Pokémon Dollars!
Received TM19 - Giga Drain!
Progress feels good. Feel like I got a lot out of my system and now I’m free to enjoy the rest of the city before I continue onward.