The Brains of the Operation

Not just a looker, but a thinker. The Nano-composite centralized brain is a hallmark
to ingenuity. The actual size of the brain is much smaller than that of
your average organic. Using nano-technology, I've been able to map out a
extreme multi-core processing load that since it is so compact, the heat
dispersion is truly moot. There is barely any residual heat that would cause
any endothermic breakdown of the artificial synapses. Data collection and dispersal
is filtered into a quadrant based region. Much like the average organic
brain, there are various sectors that work in tandem and also separately
to provide a cohesive processing unit. The seat of the emotional spectrum will
be integrated into the final product, touching every area to give it that spice
of variety. Most of the motor functions are suspended as a good
majority of any 'movement' will be completely virtual.