Location of Master Control

To facilitate requests from any corner of the Galaxy, the necessity of signal
required a direct up-link to one of the backbones of the holonet for the best
processing power available. For this reason, the wandering moon of Jamoura
was chosen as the premier spot in order to host the intelligence system. With it's
unstable gravitational movements, and the virtually impenetrable EMP field that
covers the surface atmosphere, it is the best choice overall to host the system.
That coupled with the fact that it also is a known host for the holonet, able
to receive and transmit signals out to virtually any portion of the Galaxy at any
given time make it the right choice. With a combination of luck, a
29L Electromagnetic countermeasures package, and a thicker hull - the droid pilot I
wired for the job was able to puncture the atmosphere and make a
safe-ish landing. That being thehardest part left me available to secure a location.
With the ample power supplygained from a bribed Dug, and some credits fished
from variousdelegate bankaccounts, the power grid is available to use, giving
the intelligence systemprimereal-estate as a honorary Jammer.