Reactionary Interface

Feminine personality 'borrowed' from a luxury line cruiser, wherein the virtual
entertainment theater hosted an exotic and well spoken holographic simulate. The
base code of this system will be used to construct the first layers of a system
that would take the base and evolve into a self aware system building on the
starting blocks of that personality code, and forming its own cognizant reasoning
systems based on the data given to it. The base personality is a sultry and
flirtatious vixen with a dominant trait of high conversation. There is also
a minor sub-layer of bbenevolence and charm that is programmed to respond
to a credit system. This part will be micro-managed out and replaced
with a response code that features voice pattern recognition and specific
data algorithms. A clever bribing system. Four major casino systems were
also integrated into a highly detailed reactionary based system that would read
not only body language, pitch, and tone - but measure stress, micro-expressions,
and (if within direct vicinity) heart rate and blood pressure. Aside from making
this system a superb lie detector, it also can manage response due to those
specific stimuli to craft an appropriate response.