Data Matrix

A dozen data matrix uniform codes were used to facilitate the puzzle
of the amalgam that has become the building blocks of the processing power
that will be featured in the artificial brain code. The stacked matrix
is part of a multi-layered system that can clone and copy data entering
into the system every 2.5 nanoseconds. This will enable the base program
to archive information at a lightning rate, and create virtual backups
for every segment of code and packet of data before it is calculated
and used in tandem with the intelligence system. Data that becomes
corrupted afterwards will have nominal starting points saved at every
junction, so that recovery is nearly instantaneous, and mistakes in the code
or 'junk' in the data stream can be purged without fear of actual loss.
The redundancy system is so efficient by design, that it can also
calculate the loss of data and measure the time it would take for the
intelligence system to overwrite corrupt files down to the actual