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Factory Denied YX-950 Super Industrial Exocarrier

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  • Tractor Beams
  • Hyperwave Transciever
  • Crew Quarters
  • Droid Recharging Stations
  • Docking Bays
  • Navigation Computers
  • Holonet Transciever
  • Life Support Systems
  • Various Standard Civilian Features
  • Fabrication Bays
  • Industrial Food Processors
  • Mineral and Ore Refineries
  • Various Mechanical Bays
  • Minor Shipyards [Starfighter Parts]
  • Radiation Control System
  • Solid State Fuel Converters
  • Fuel Line Manipulator Arms
  • Long Range Communications Relays
  • Hyperspace Relay Layer
  • Heavily Defended
  • Modular
  • Can carry smuggle LOADS OF STUFF
  • Slow
  • Difficult to maneuver
  • Volatile Cargo
The YX-950 Super Industrial Exocarrier was a massive armed civilian freighter created by Kyprin Engineering Corporation. Over 2 kilometers in length, dwarfed many of the warships in use by governments around the Galaxy but its industrial focus typically kept it out of warzones. Developed for big-time mining and colonial operations the Exocarrier was the largest starship of its kind in KEC's catalog of civilian vessels. Colloquially called a Hammerhead Cruiser by miners around the Corellian Sector, the vessel sported a distinctly long and boxy spaceframe with two imposingly large nacelle dual-purpose hangar bays. Equipped with heavy-duty mechanical bays in these hangars meant to service mining droids, asteroid miners, and other utility vehicles, they could easily be used to repair and service starfighters or gunships and small corvettes. These facilities were only the tip of the iceberg, however, with complex conveyor and lift systems, the crew of a Hammerhead could bring in ore or raw fuel and have it easily transported to the fabrication and refining facilities in the central structure of the vessel. From the heart of the vessel large manipulator arms connected to fuel nozzles that could be inserted into friendly ships, allowing the Hammerhead to act as a refueling ship.

With advances in automation over the last few decades, the Hammerhead boasted a reduced crew count, supplementing their numbers with various construction droids, command bridge droids, and engineering astromechs. Despite this, the Hammerhead retained double the amount of crew quarters required to run the vessel at peak efficiency and contained ample passenger quarters to embark on full colonial expeditions. Contained mostly in the two spherical structures along the vessel's spine, the living spheres held ample hangar space for small family shuttles but came stock with YV-350s for use in the field and transport of raw materials and goods.

The weapons compliment of the Hammerhead was intended for defensive purposes. Despite that, in the hands of insurgents or pirates, it could be a formidable enemy due to its robust shield systems powered by its decentralized hypermatter reactor which provided ample power across the ship. A small handful of large turbolaser batteries defended it from capital scale vessels while a robust point defense system kept it safe from starfighter assault and other smaller capital ships. Despite these capital grade weapons being powerful in their own right, they were a few standard generations behind what was often seen on the front line, resulting in inaccurate cannons and barely enough bite behind them to take down the shields of a capital cruiser. Coupled with its poor maneuverability and speed, it was a death sentence to be caught unawares and unguarded by any large task-force or pirate group, making them prime targets during times of war or in the large swaths of unpatrolled neutral sectors in space. It was for this reason that the vessel came stock with three squadrons of strike craft and was recommended that companies or militaries that used the vessel for transport or long colonial expeditions hire or station a fighter wing to the vessel for extra protection.

The bays for fighters were spread across the ship. The two main fighter bays were located on the underside and dorsal hulls of the Hammerhead with the tertiary hangar being shared with service vehicles in the prow, right between the vessel's mandibles. Hangars had ready rooms and barracks for fighters so that they would never be too far away to scramble in times of emergency. The bridge of the Hammerhead was located just above the dorsal hangar and doubled as the flight control room for all starfighters and transports coming in and out. It was from here that a proud ship captain could watch over the daily work of the entire ship and ensure that its cargo arrived safe and undisturbed.

With a striking and modular design, the YX-950 Exocarrier would be the product that put Kyprin Engineering Corporation on the map. With its exorbitant cost and even higher profit margin the funds gained from this design allowed the company to pursue other ship designs and product lines.
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Okay, we have a massive problem on wording.

The YX-950 Super Industrial Exocarrier was a massive armed civilian freighter created by Kyprin Engineering Corporation.

If this is a civilian ship, there cannot be whatsoever any form of weaponry on this ship. None. This includes also a standing attack force of starfighters. If this is supposed to have some form of military influence, then this has to be abided by.

As a Company, you CAN Mass Produce at 3KM if it has no weaponry and no standing starfighter protection force. Support craft is okay if used for what it is intended for a civilian ship.

If you are intending to make this a military style ship, you must then drop it down to LIMITED for its sizing or change up the sizing to accommodate it which means also probably squadron changes.

I will not make any other recommendations until this is solved. I cannot accurately at this point help further until this is resolved.
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Listib Hibin Listib Hibin But the template says 3km is Limited production which would remove the necessity of the 2.5 and other half steps in the hangar allocations. Can you get one of your seniors to confirm because again...First time having an issue like this on a sub and I'm starting to wonder if this has something to do with Kuat lol

Listib Hibin

Factory Judge
I have talked to the factory team. They both agree that if your ship is 2.5 and your ship is minor production, then you must lower your ship to 2km. The factory team has spoke, please change to what they have ruled.

EDIT: Made wording a bit better, still learning.
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