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What is your Character's dirty little secret?

Zagara Vao

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Sonorous is torn between where she is now - a drifting bounty hunter with an allegiance to a generally loose, eccentric and accepting Mandalorian clan, or going back to Ryloth to try and fight for her fellow Twi'leks, form a clan of her own there, and bring the glory that she's found on Mandalore to the Outer Rim.

Atin Vendet

Journeyman Protector
Beneath the demeanor of self confidence, Atin Vendet is very scared of his own insignificance in the universe. The thought of things that can effect your mind, the deep unknown, and a bigger fish have always bugged him. He'll never admit to it, but deep down, he's afraid. Nobody knows what's really on the other side, or the things you'll face in the howling dark of an abandoned complex. He hates feeling helpless, and will do anything to ensure his own survival in a much larger galaxy, while appealing to the culture he's so adamantly involved in. Killing another sentient being, and eliminating things that are stronger, helps fuel the self confidence boat and security in self that he needs in order to function in the vast expanse of space.

Allison Martha Iversson

CWO Master Gunner, Commonwealth Navy
Allison is an addict and she is ashamed of it. She can focus on not using when she's in combat but it's also combat that stresses her out that drives her to take whatever drugs or alcohol are handed her way. She knows if she is caught it could cost her her officer's commission and wants to get help outside of the military to be free and clear of any military brass knowing. That said, with Alexandria effectively under military rule, finding those resources is an extreme challenge.