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What is your Character up to this Week?

Jay Scott Clark

Love Isn't Crazy
If I could read every thread on this site, I would. If I could subscribe and follow your character's journey across the stars, I would do so gladly. Alas, I have not the time nor the spirit for it. Haha. So forgive my simple question and entertain me with your most recent ventures. I want your love and I want your revenge,

  • Q: What has your Character been up to this Week IC? :D :p
A: Here's a list.

1: Sat near the Forget Rock to try and forget the memory of @[member="Selena Halcyon"]'s bare grandbooty being inches from his eyes.

2: Finished a mission on Kashyyk with @[member="Tallia Farn"], and jumped on a ship with her to escape a reprogrammed shuttle pilot droid on the shuttle he was supposed to take back to Coruscant, that may have been turned into a sex bot by a prankster co-worker. Josh has terrible friends.

3: Josh realized he has terrible friends.

4: Joined the war against the Fringe, unwillingly.

5: Joined the Fringe invasion.

6: Realized one of his best friends works for the Fringe, and doesn't trust him because he was going to blast him to get brownie points.

7: Talked said friend down.

8: Went to a bar with said friend and punched him in the face.

9: Also on Fringe invasion, realized his other best friend who disappeared for months that he was really close with, was fighting against the Republic with the Fringe. Heartbreak ensues.

10: Gained a vendetta against the Fringe for taking her from him, in his eyes.

11: Laid waste to Fringe soldiers on the invasion, before joining up with his mortal enemy: The Grandbooty.

12: Saved the life of a Sith Knight on the lower levels of Coruscant against a gang of thugs.

13: Continued Zooki's training.

14: Noticed crack in the egg he's had since August.

15: Made good friends with @[member="Rianna Organa"] over jokes about the Grandbooty.

16: Exchanged hopes with Organa that Selena wouldn't find out and sit on the both of them.

17: Re-programmed R4-J6 to not play The Chicken Dance on The Final Dragon in a constant loop.

18: Poked fun at and played cheeky with @[member="Isis Fontana"]

19: Unsuccessfully addressed the issues of the Jedi possibly becoming too Pro-War, and the Republic's Attack Dogs.

20: Continued undercover work with @[member="Kiskla Grayson"]

21: Taught Padawans.

22: Put aside a session to teaching younglings.

23: Continued training in the White Current.

24: Had toast and bacon.

25: Re-doubled strength, cardio, finesse and lightsaber training.

26: Worked on perfecting Force Wave.

27: Taught younglings that smoking is bad.

28: Went on a mission to Taris.

29: Spent 5 minutes in a tree playing The Legend Of Kelda on his Holo Boy on a break during a mission.

30: Took time to write this list.

Feat. @[member="Isis"] Fonatana, @[member="Jak Sandrow"], @[member="Tallia Farn"], @[member="Aleidis Ijet"], @[member="Rasu Gan"], @[member="Selena Halcyon"], @[member="Rianna Organa"], @[member="Grimm"], @[member="Phylis Alince"], @[member="Kiskla Grayson"], @Iella E'ron, @[member="Syn"], @[member="Jay Scott Clark"], @[member="Daella Apparine"], @[member="Diana Moridena"]


Ba'slan shev'la
1. Trying to quit drinking

2. Going on sad, confusing, adventure with Ri'ika

3. Getting shot...alot...no like alot

4. Making toast...butter and toast.
  1. Used some Sorcery on a Jedi Knight.
  2. Tried to overcome her biggest fear.
  3. Met Grimm on Zahat'n'ira.

Well, basically, that's it. My life is boring. :p Well, actually, my threads just don't move on very fast due to different schedules, timezones, stuff...

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]

You and your Grandbooty Joshua.

Trista Nemorra

Darkside Dominatrix
I just killed a slaver after bending him over and broke his neck, do I get anything for that? :p

Satara Hawk

Singing Mountain Ma'tra
I met @[member="Tamara"] , found her to be an interesting creature... that knows too much.

Started training my son, @[member="Aston Jacobs"] .

Welcomed some Mandalorians on Dathomir. Curious fellows, always randomly stopping by.

Meet up with some Clan Mothers to discuss some things. Consider that to be as specific as it can be. We might have to sacrifice you to the spirits if I told you more.

Made dolls out of grass and stray. Quite fun.

Went to Yavin IV to observe a lightsaber training of some Mandalorians.

Didn't sleep much. Sleep and me don't meet eye to eye for too long.

All in all, it's been an average week.

Lauda Cavataio

Perfection is Eternal
Woke up in a laboratory after being dead for several centuries. Wouldn't recommend it on anyone. Getting used to things we all take for granted, like eyesight and limb usage. Also, remembered who killed me, remembered my whole life. Blew up all the glass in the room... it was an eventful night.

Met some Nightsisters... I think. They're not the Nightsisters I used to know.

Attended a big meeting with lots of people, didn't do any talking, just a lot of listening. As far as meetings go, I've been to worse.

Missed my rancor. Found old places. Missed people.

I have been dead for too long... hopefully the next week will be more eventful.

Darth Torment

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
This week about to beat up a blond haired Jedi Councilor in a bar brawl due to his lack of manners towards a woman, and lame jokes.

About to lay the smack down on arnold schwartsenegger (<- correct spelling?) star warsy twin, and then beat up a plant for possibly taking a picture of said jedi councilor with his arm around my shoulder.

This week is a great one.